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Dear Motorcycling Santa for christmas I'd like:-

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Nov 9, 2010.

  1. 1. A free weekend pass from Mrs to ride every weekend
    2. Shoei XR-1100 Conqueror Red
    3. A life time supply of Jack Daniels

  2. Get a divorce
    Get a job

    Problem fixed. No? :p:p
  3. A kit for a big ultrasonic cleaner. The concept of getting the crap off engine parts with no effort on my part is more appealing to me than a practical perpetual motion machine :D.
  4. ](*,) why didn't I think of that!
  5. What FLUX said, but get a weekend job, mid week rides are much better :)
  6. Well I'll be in Italty xmas day.. so a nice Ducati to cruise around on for the day would be nice =D
  7. Why do you people let your mrs get 1 over you? If u want to go riding, u go riding, no ifs or buts, simple

    But for chrissy, I want a Berik Capirex 1 Piece Race Suit :)

  8. Thanks Goz.......its not so much the mrs but mrs + kids + the usual weekend crap.

    Suit looks good!
  9. Haha the XR1100 is nice, tried one on a week ago. For me though it was just a tad loose on the top of my noggin, and the next size down was entirely too tight, so ive fallen in love with an Arai RX-Q.

    Dear Santa,
    Im happy to work for what i want so hurry up and get me that job started up in Gladstone!

  10. Dear Santa,

    I would really like a black Suzuki GSX 1400 just like the one I got around about this time last year but was only able to enjoy for a grand total of 8 days courtesy of the fkcu wit truck driver who managed to hit me.
    I know these other wishes are quite probably out of your range but I'd also like to return to work so therefore can you mend all the breaks in my right arm and help me rapidly rebuild the strength in my right leg.
    Ta muchly.
  11. A bike that's not shit would be nice please Santa.
  12. The parts I ordered back in July would be wonderful thank Santa!
  13. I'd like 10,000 black GSX-R 750s please. The '06 model. And the same number in size 44 Laguna Seca Dainese suits as well.

    See, now even if I only get 0.01% of what I wished for, I'm sweet!
  14. a letter from VicRoads stating that due to the amount of k's to date in the various riding conditions, road trips, interstate travel, etc, you can immediately change to a bike of your choice rather than wait until your restrictions are over in March....

    Yeah, fat chance!
  15. Jardine Pipe and a good day of booze and prawns would do me nicely.
  16. What i "want" for my WR300.
    Twin chamberd front end and ohlins TTX rear,
    FMF head and domed piston,
    Keihin 38mm
    Platnum 2 exhaust
    hump seat and a graphics kit.

    What i "need" for my WR300.
    Replacement for the stupid, noisy, vague thing on the rear they call a floating rear brake.
    Replacement for the stupid switchblock that's been unpluged since day one.
  17. An email confirming:

    (a) my order for a BMW K1600GTL with ALL accessories, and
    (b) that payment has been received in full for the order.

    Otherwise ... I'll just settle for a new set of round black things for the RT ... and some aftershave and a coupla pairs of jocks.

    Gee ... wonder what I'll get???????
  18. One of everything and a place to put it all :D

    goz, aint no place on that suit to put ya wings :angel:
  19. Geez a truck hit you?! A**hole. I hate trucks.

    Dear Santa,

    By Christmas I hope to have the bike I want, but if for some reason it doesn't go my way if you could send one by my house that would be great.
  20. 1. No speeding fines while on my Ps
    2. No stacks

    I'd be *very* happy with both of those.