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Dear L-Platers

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by b12mick, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. From Boris (Of AMCN and 'My Mother Warned me about blokes like me fame) - circa 2011

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  2. No nodding? :eek:
  3. How could one complain about a friendly nod? Whoever wrote this is clearly a bit bitter poor guy
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  4. I don't know if Boris is real or taking the piss, I do enjoy reading his columns though. Makes for a good work breaker :)
  5. that's what you took from the article?
  6. Just putting it out there but its the oldies that die on bikes.
    Also I hate whoever wrote this article.

    Also b12mick would you stop being such a friggen DOWNER all the time... Go be cynical elsewhere. :p
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  7. Fa1cOn, I mean this in the nicest possible way, fcuk off.
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  8. Don't be mad! I thought we where getting along swimmingly!
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  9. #9 iClint, Aug 29, 2013
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2013
    Whoever wrote that was a fcukwit, Novice riders are exactly that novices, the L plate on the back tells everyone that, so instead of being a cock give them some room and maybe some help or advice should the opportunity arise.

    Telling people to lean and then lean harder? I hope he is just talking about the angle of the bike and not how you would actually steer the bike around the corner because leaning alone will do nothing to tighten your line.

    It all just sounded like self righteous wank apart from a a few comments about gear and the everyone crashes stuff which annoys me immensely.
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  10. *high 5 iClint*
  11. Clearly the author was a perfect L plater & never had to learn a damn thing!?
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  12. "Certainly, you do need to be told, because whatever you’re being taught in those ludicrous government motorcycle courses is not really helping you, is it? Oh, I know you think it is, but you only think that because you don’t know any better."

    Crap! Offensive crap!

    Since the introduction of the pre-learners and MOST schemes in NSW there has been a clear reduction in serious crashes involving new riders.

    Some of the other points do have a grain of truth to them, but, given the way they are expressed, I have to suspect that this Boris chappie is a "closet" Ulysses Club member.

    Not that that makes him a bad person, so am I. :)
  13. Pretty much and that he doesn't like learners spending large amounts on safety gear.
  14. I see that the gen Y lot reacting exactly as the author describes them to be, Mission accomplished.
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  15. I'm with him on the rest of it, but I reckon I'm not about to cop baby boomers dropping the boot in here.

    The boomers were the biggest pack of pillow biting faggots the world has ever witnessed congeal into life at once. All this safety shit and lefty tolerance crap is entirely on your heads.

    Pussies raising pussies, then complaining that the pussies that they taught to be pussies aren't acting like real men. Kind of funny but depressing at the same time.
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  16. I'm gen X I don't really give a toss about either group
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  17. This has made my day.
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  18. I'm with you Blabbs.

    No doubt about Boris he brings the criers out for us all to enjoy.
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  19. He's in the right place.
  20. It's the Caroline Wilson of motorcycling