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Dear idiot on the CBR600RR

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ades, Dec 4, 2006.

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  1. #1 ades, Dec 4, 2006
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 15, 2016
    Location : The Boulevade Ivanhoe East
    Time: Last Thursday approx 5pm

    To whom ever was riding the black & silver cbr600rr on the Boulevade that I overtook on the first left-right-left coming off Bourke rd north last Thursday. When I overtook you in the corners, I signaled to you that I was coming and gave you plenty of room when I did go around you. Bearing that in mind, I find your belated attempt to overtake on the straight section to show me how fast you can go in a straight line a little wreckless.

    I was well ahead of you (at least 200+ metres) and signalled and braked to turn right. If you had of been looking you would have seen that. The fact that you came around me on my right just as I was about to tip into the street at well over 100 in a 60 zone, shows me how crap a rider you actually are. Not only can you not corner your motorcycle, but you can not even pay attention enough to notice a clearly visible brake light and indicator.

    I hope you scared the crap out of yourself when you almost lost control of you bike after missing me by cms. I gave thought to chasing you down and giving you a mouthful, but I'm sure I would have been meet with a mouthful of wankery from a clearly inexperienced rider.

    Next time someone dents your ego pal, maybe have a look at how they ride so you could possibly improve they way you do.

    Rant over..........

    Thank you.
  2. P.S. I don't actually think the person involved would be clever enough to know how to use the in-ter-net so I am sure it wasn't anyone from here!! :grin:
  3. (/me dons flame-retardant suit) OK, the guy acted like an idiot. But you dumped it into a right-hand turn on a straight without checking your mirror?
  4. Nope. Thats the only reason he didn't collect me. I had to stand it up quick smart to avoid a very nasty collision.
  5. K, cool - onya then. {/me doffs flame-retardant suit and slinks away}
  6. Yeah, I think the only reason Mr CBR600 RetaRd didn't hit ades is because he DID check his mirror and waited to turn.

    Dunno, fine line between "Cool, catch up to other bike for fun ride" and "Competitive d1ckhead".
    He coulda been playing catchup w/out expecting you to brake.

    As you said though - plenty of time to see a brake light and indicator... if you're looking :idea:
  7. He was definately NOT going for "cool I'll catch up and have some fun" as when he came past he did it at full noise, it was absolutely screaming. He was very very lucky he didn't bin it because he got a little front wheel air time coming over the hump in the road which when it landed gave him a nasty head shake that very nearly undid him.

    I think he was embarrassed that a 98 ZX7R got the better of his '06 CBR600RR.
  8. I don't see what you are complaining about sounds like a pretty good show? :shock:
  9. ummm....... I actually felt the air push past my shoulder, and I was wearing leathers. Give you a better idea of just how close it was?

    But yeah, I was actually waiting for the slide it down the road into a pole show. :grin:
  10. Re: Dear idiot on the CBR600RR..............................

    He/She probably thought the same thing about you being an A class idiot for doing something like that.

    But it didnt all end in tears so that is a good thing.
  11. It wasn't a chick on a Virago was it??

    No wait, she now rides a ZZR :rofl:

    Sorry Karen, couldn't resist :)
  12. Was your overtaking dangerous in any way? Cross any lines / same lane etc? Could it have been construed as such? Not say that that excuses idiotic behaviour (his) but that could be a reason why.
  13. I've seen it all on here now. Someone calling another rider an idiot for overtaking on a straight when they have just overtaken that person on a corner! :LOL: I can go home now, nothing more to see.
  14. Don't overtake on corners you fcukwit, if you did that to me i would beat the shit outta you, he is prolly feeling the same way, do as he did and wait for a straight, if you can't or he won't let you slow down on the straights and catch back up in the corners.

    Having said that, good work on not being in a crash.
  15. Why overtake somebody if you are only going to brake in front of them and slow them down?
  16. I agree .. you couldn't wait 10 secs or so and pass the CBR on the straight?
    Perhaps he was going to extend his left arm and give you a "clothsline" for being a twat and not waiting, but decided to just scare you instead.
  17. It's a 50 zone anyway. How fast did either of you need to go? :shock: I rarely reach more than 100 on that stretch. :shock: :LOL:
  18. tit for tat i say ;)

    forest gump said something like "stupid is as stupid does"
  19. Ok. So you all have your opinion that I shouldn't have overtaken him on a corner. Fair enough, tis your opinion. The place where I did it was a wide sweeping left hander and I went on his right, and indicated as such. I didn't do it a warp speed either. It's been done to me before, and done safely, and I've had no problem with it.

    The point is, people of hypocritical judgement (yes, you have all done something similar... lane splitting anyone?) is that on the straight bit of road, whether I was a bike or a car, I was turning right, I was well ahead, we had plenty of braking distance between us, and I had indicated. I didn't stamp on the brakes, I did it predictibly and visibly.

    I beleive he didn't notice me braking etc, because he was going to fast, and had the red mist on.

    Anyways, he didn't hit me because I saw him coming. Whether you like it or not, people will overtake you. It's up to you how you react. If you have a pnis size issue, then you will most probably do what this twat did. There's having some fun, and then there are those who chose to wear camoflage pants on CBR's.............. :grin:
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