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dear god its back...

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by ward_4e, Jun 20, 2007.

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  2. he could have a lest cut the tail section straight.. look at the exhust shot

    man thats bad
  3. He appears to be a real estate agent from Bairnsdale - what did you expect? :roll:
  4. At least his left knee would stay dry.
    I've not seen it around.
    I know some people in Paynesville I'll see if I can get any info.
  5. im guessing 100kms to the tank :LOL:
  6. fuel economy would be an issue... :roll: if you could live with the gaylord paint job.... infact its worse than that as gay guys have style that bike and its colours are just plain wrong... i woul dgues sthe guy is colour blind on the purple and yellow spectrum's
  7. I dunno, that purple + yellow paintjob looks like one of the "typical" imported CBR250RR respray jobs from Sumoto et al, so it can't be that bad... can it? ;)

    Cute idea, but I'm not a huge fan of the supercharger drive belt completely exposed like that. Looks a bit too Max Max versus the rest of the bike, and without a full enclosure the belt's easily damaged by, well, anything flicked up at the bike by other vehicles, and nice and open to chomp fingertips off, too. :p
  8. hah, was just thinking "what's the big deal with the colour scheme...?" - i'm red-green colour blind which makes purpley colours difficult to resolve. I'll make sure i consult you zach if i ever decide to de-cow my bike and repaint (yes i have been made aware that my XT has a purple tank, thank you very much).

    As for fuel, it's a VTR1000. i mean, you expect to have to fill up every 15 minutes anyway!