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Dear Canberra f#%ktard......

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Bindymay, Apr 12, 2015.

  1. I would like to personally thank the ACT driver who nearly killed me twice in a matter of seconds..... Was it the Fluro jacket with the cross made of reflective material that you didn't see? the big blue bike? The indicator? The other 3 cars that safely missed me? Oh I know, it was the first day of canberra's school holidays, and you were in a hurry to get to the camping ground, near the beach on the sunny south coast of NSW. I Hope me being on the road didn't interrupt the pace needed to leave your crappy little territory. I hope you realise what the outcome of your lapse of judgment could have been......

    So, I got my P's on Friday and was going trail riding on Saturday. Hubby and my son took their bikes out bush on a trailer and I decided to ride out and meet them a little later.

    I only had a 10 minute ride on The princess highway before I needed to take a right and be on a fire trial ready for some family riding... So long story short, i was travelling south on the single lane highway, doing 90. I could see 4 cars behind me in the distance. I slowed up to make my right hand turn safely, there were no cars in the opposite direction, so I had no need to stop. In a matter of seconds I can feel something behind me and then in the corner of my eye I see something black on my right hand side. This moron almost took me out from behind, then makes the decision to correct it by overtaking me, on the wrong side of the road while I'm turning.

    Man, someone upstairs was watching over me on Saturday.
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  2. Turning off a highway into a firetrail is probably the most dangerous situations you can put yourself in. The driver saw no oncoming traffic, saw the cars ahead going slow, and proceeded to overtake.

    You are lucky to be alive! Use your new experience to give yourself a fighting chance, pull off to the left and wait for all traffic to pass.

    The drive was an idiot, but being right and dead is no comfort.
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  3. You were bloody lucky.

    Did you check that your indicators were working properly ?
    I'm guessing it was in a blind spot behind you and then maybe thought you were signalling for them to overtake ?
    I always try to put on my indicator before I brake so that any idiot behind me should know exactly what I'm doing.
    With no traffic coming towards you you could have pulled out into the oncoming lane to brake and make your turn, but that might not have even helped here.
    I hope the rest of your weekend was pleasant.
  4. Right hand turns without traffic lights always make me feel vulnerable. Only suggestion is to indicate early, and feather the brakes. Two options are to keep your speed up, with the traffic, and turn in at the last minute, or to slow right down, so you appear to be looking for your turn off, which might frustrate the following traffic, but at least it will force them all to slow right down.
  5. BindymayBindymay glad to hear you are okay. Your scenario is a daily one for me going home off a country 100 kpm road. As offtrackofftrack mentioned, indicate early, feather the brakes and always do your pre-ride checks to make sure blinkers/brake lights are working.

    My right hand turn is on a road peppered with gravel at the junction thanks to the school bus which makes it all the more livelier.
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  6. All wise words and I'm glad you're still here to hear them. Sad to say Canberra drivers are no better than they've ever been still drive like idiots and think they own the roads.
    Maybe in future, (being wise after the event) pull to the left and stop, then execute your turn when you're sure there's no-one coming (although, of course, you shouldn't have to do this).
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    Yep indicators were working. Checked before I left and even when I pulled over to change my undies lol... It was a open road, I indicated early, and was on the brakes earlier then normal to show my intentions to turn. My guess is that he saw slower traffic and was in a hurry and didn't see me at all.

    I honestly have never encountered worst drivers in my life, wether on the bike or in my car. The trip between Goulburn and Batemans bay would have to be the most scariest I've ever even driven, and I would never ride it. The total disregard ACT drivers have for everyone else's safety has me astonished. Yep, they may do the drive frequently, but the speed and overtaking they do on the bends is absolutely crazy, sitting on your tail trying to push you if your not doing a 100ks on a corner recommended at 55ks. I watched fully loaded trucks overtaking on the wrong side coming down the mountain. I'm sorry but my childrens safety far outweighs their need to get somewhere maybe 5 minutes quicker.

    I agree, very wise words from others on here. And I will take every suggestion on board. Thank God I am around to write this vent because I did see my life flash before my eyes, and it just goes to show that no matter what safety precautions you yourself take, you just can't trust any other person or thing around you on the roads.
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  8. hey BindymayBindymay...yep give thanks to the biker gods! Scares the bejesus put of you...
    They call ACT drivers yogis for a reason...;)

    BTW use Sards for those undies...I have found that cleans em a treat and they'll be as good as new :woot:
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  9. Technically you sholdn't have to behave any different than if you were making the turn in a car. Unfortunately when riding a bike you have to adjust to assume the person/s behind in complete obliviance to your existance & therefore treat you as if you were walking in the middle of the road with a shopping trolley!
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  10. Glad you're still with us.

    I worked up there for a year (flew up every week from melb) and yes, I would have to agree, the self-entitlement is strong up there. In Melbourne cars wait for pedestrians to cross to the road patiently (usually), in Canberra they line you up and accelerate. Apparently cyclists have a rough time up there too.
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  11. The road from Canberra to the Bay is a nice ride, but I wouldn't recommend it for a learner or an inexperienced rider, at least not alone. You have to be as alert out there on a 100kph highway as you have to be in busy suburban streets; you never know from what direction they are going to try and get you....
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  12. +1 for pulling into the oncoming lane if it is free. I have to do this every day, and it gives the following traffic much more chance to see you. I am certain the car further back never saw you until it was too late.
  13. I'd have to agree, but Canberra drivers will never settle for overtaking just one car when there's three of four in a row.......
  14. I've been guilty of that in my time.
  15. The instructor who helped me get my license in Canberra said that rear enders are the biggest cause of accidents in the ACT and to always keep one eye on your mirrors to make sure it doesn't happen to you. After riding in Canberra for two and half years I know how bad their drivers are for tailgating.
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    It's my specialty. I've started moving on to roads that don't require it.

    I have. Heaps.

    Maybe you should stick to the Doom.
  17. Is there anything good about Canberra except for the War Memorials?
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  18. It shits all over Sydney. In fact, if Canberra was on the coast, I'd be living there already.
  19. Finally a female member who can swear like the best of us. Thank you for joining NR
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  20. You can go and see Swans games at Manuka oval with relative ease...:)
    They have Floriade...um um they make coins there...um um there's a nice coffee shop at the Department of Health building...
    um um I got snowed on in early June one year which was exciting... :D