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VIC Dear Agony Aunt: I think I am in love with a Police Lady

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by nobby, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I let the situation get the better of me this morning, I was heading down Burwood H'way when a Hi-Ace van coming out of a side street on my right decided he was bigger than me therefore he didn't have to wait for me to pass before he took my lane.

    I'de already had a few numpty moments this morning with cagelists either asleep at the wheel or still programming their IPods while they drive.

    Anyway I got angry and thought FUCK YOU! I'm taking my lane back. Next I see is a Divvy Van, party music and fairy lights and it's all for me...

    Police Lady: 103kph in an 80 zone, any reaon sir,

    Me: (politely) you should have pulled over the van as well for cutting me off, I'm sorry I got angry, I'm getting sick of these clowns trying to kill us.

    Police Lady: I know how you feel I ride a motorbike too.

    Me: Tense moment while they go back to the van and check out my details.

    Police Lady: No charge this time, you're free to go, be carefull,

    Me: (under my breath) thank **** for sanity

    Police lady from <redacted> if your out there, Thanks heaps, glad to see there are some good ones out there...
  2. yeah, what i read:

    [some random words] Police lady [more random words] I ride a motorbike [something else]

    So... was she hot??
    Keep in mind the following base score modifiers:
    +3 for being a female copper
    +5 for riding a bike (every girl that rides a bike is automatically babe-worthy)
    +3 if she offered to use handcuffs
  3. Dammit! Gotta be quick around here...
  4. Mate: I'm getting on a bit, I don't even pass wind anymore .... just Dust!

    Almost everything looks hot to me 8-[
  5. *sigh* just imagine the fun and games you could have getting pulled over in the bedroom

    Anyway, glad you got one that realised you weren't a risk to human life as we know it.
  6. :LOL: oh yeah.

    Hopefully there's more than one ladyplod at <redacted>, or you've just got her a 'please explain'. :wink:
  7. As a great man once said "Did you show her your penis?"
  8. I hear your appreciation, but I'm left wondering if she ever did give a reason for not pulling over the van? At 100km/h, they would have had to track/follow you for at least 250m (assuming that the divvy didn't have radar, as most do not) to be able to get an accurate and successful speed assessment.

    I would have thought that pulling over a driver for dangerous driving at the time it occurred would have been more important than instead following you for speed assessment. Perhaps she/they felt your speeding contributed to the incident?
  9. so she's at least an 11??
  10. mmm I was wondering the same thing.....
  11. Your assuming they saw the van pull out.

    Way to turn a positive interaction with the Police into a negative one.
  12. Eeeeeeeew Poo dust lol
    I Hear ya bro. They all look good. Glad it's the thought that counts.
    Mmm another beer or go bonk the wife, Mmm there has to be something on telly.
  13. only if she used 'cuffs. If that's the case, I dont really care about anything else
  14. I don't think they would have seen the van come out, but either way I put it down as a positive on both results, I get too keep my money in my pocket (and points on my licence) and PoPo gets a tick on the human decency scale.
  15. No hard feelings, really, but I can't help myself:

    I guess that next time you'll just....


  16. None taken, except to say I wasn't complaining or being negative, I actually got on to praise PoPo's actions.

    If I had copped a ticket for my actions, you wouldn't have seen a post, I would have just HTFU and worn the loss, as I have in the past..

    enjoy your day