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Deals on K9 GSXR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mmamster, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. Hi all

    Has anyone bought either a k8/k9 gsxr600 in the past few months - can you recommend a good value dealer in Victoria (Melbourne).

    I have a k7 which I bought from a1 brighton suzuki. My brother is now getting one.


  2. I think the cheapest price will be found down Elizabeth St in the CBD. But you may find a better value (customer service, relationship building) proposition elsewhere like Raceway Suzuki.
  3. I've heard some of the country dealers do good deals - anyone had any good experiences?
  4. If you're just shopping on price why don't you just pick up the phone. It's going to depend on stock and colours as to what you can negotiate.
  5. i had just enquired from peter stevens in the city, they quoted me 13,800 for a K8 GSXR-600
  6. Is that driveaway?
  7. $13,800 sounds about right ride away, a friend got one month ago for $14k and he got a Joe Rocket leather jacket worth $600, but i dont think this offer is on anymore.
  8. You can get an 08 600RR for around under 13,500 rideaway :)
  9. Sunstate Suzuki on the sunshine coast in QLD is advertising $13490 ride away on a K8..They also are offering to beat all genuine offers at the moment.

    I was offered an K9 white for $14600 ride away last week from a country dealer. PM me for details if you like.
  10. I've spoken to a few dealers recently and by far the best service and friendliest would be Slingshot Suzuki in Shepparton.

    For prices I'd probably go with Raceway in Niddrie as mentioned previously or Team One Motorcycles in Hoppers Crossing. They seem to be willing to make reasonable deals.

    I found PS and BTX to be quite firm on prices and unwilling to move.

    Anyway hope that helps. I was actually looking for a 750 at the time but should prove helpful otherwise.
  11. yes ride-away price :)
  12. I just bought a K8 gsx-r600 from A1 for $13,400 rideaway. other dealers I enquired at are doing $13,500 ride away as previously mentioned such as Team One & Raceway. I think most dealers would be willing to match that or beat it. :) If you want a specific colour, you might need to look around.

    k9 models will start at $14,990 + orc. Not sure they're in store yet though.
  13. TeamMoto Virginia on Brisbane's northside are doing k8 Gsxr600's for 11,990 +on roads with free yoshi slipon can. k8 750's 12,990, k8 1000's 14,990. Apparently they have free yoshi slipons with all gsxr's till Feb.
  14. Thanks all that is very helpful.


  15. Raceway were advertising $13,000 ride away a few weeks ago.

    I wouldn't touch Team one with a ten foot pole! You may get a deal when you have money to spend, but anything after that and it's like calling your lawyer, they want to charge by time on the phone to you! :evil:
  16. Does anyone know where to get a good ride away deal on K8/K9 in Sydney ?
    Best I could find was on K8's 600 $14999 & 750 $15999 & hills motorcycles. Seems much cheaper interstate?
  17. K8s are on big discounting across the country, complete with the free pipe. That is across the entire GSXR range. Tell them to stick that price where the sun don't shine.
  18. Yep correct, free Yoshi pipe valued at $1199 on gsxr's. Make sure u mention it to the dealerships, they mite not say anything and use it as a selling tool, so it sounds like they are doing a better deal than everyone else.
  19. I picked up a K9 gsxr600 for 14,900 on road.
  20. That's a pretty good deal.. Was that in NSW ?