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Dealing with police in the US

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Nov 15, 2007.

  1. Typical stuff! Great for a laugh! :LOL:

    Dealing with the US police

  2. Ace.

    Is there an Australian equivalent version???
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  4. As most will know I am very pro-Police and firmly believe that if you do no wrong you won;t have a problem with them. In regards to US Police we had a little incident a few years back when I was over in Texas doing some test flying with my crew(about 15 guys). We did a test flight where one of the equipment manufacturers trialed a new version of software that was supposed to fix all our problems. It failed miserably. So knowing what Australians are like, he shouted the whole crew all the beers for the night at the nearest bar - all on the company credit card. This was a company that made more money than Coke so the bucket of beer was bottomless.

    So we rock up to this little cowboy Karaoke bar just outside the airfield in country Texas. We are all still in our flying suits and looking VERY conspicuous. But all is good. We got on great with the locals and the card ended up paying for the beers of the 4 other people in the bar as well and it was a really good night. About 2 hours in, a Police cruiser rocks up which a deputy sheriff. He walks in, has a look and walks out. 20 minutes later, there is another cruiser and another deputy. 10 minutes later the Sheriff turns up. Imagine the most stereo-typed Sheriff you can imagine and this bloke was it. Huge white cowboy hat, sprayed on jeans, huge heeled boots(no spurs!), belt buckle that was so big it could be used as a riot shield, a utility belt that would make Batman envious, a gun that almost touched ground when holstered and a long, white, curled up moustache.

    We had done the right thing and nominated two designated drivers for the vans(me and one other). When we left, we had to walk through the deputies and the sheriff who just stared us down. They were watching me and the other driver like a hawk to see if we were drunk but they realised we weren't. Then when we left they were right onto us. I made sure I didn't break a single road rule, including coming to a complete stop at a stop sign. The guy from the company got booked for not stopping at the sign when he actually stopped and started rolling back but they booked him because he didn't come to a stop under brakes and hold it there. They followed us for a couple of miles waiting to pounce but we did nothing wrong.

    We then got on the interstate with me following our other van. He was doing 65 so thinking the speed limit was the normal 70mph for the interstate I pull out and speed up to 70. Just as I am about to pass, I noticed another cruiser, state Police this time, parked on the side of the road. As soon as I saw it I remembered that at night it was a 65mph speed limit(don't ask!). Sure enough, the blues and reds come on behind us so I stop overtaking and pull back in behind the other van and then pull over. But the cruiser screamed straight past me! I pulled out again and saw that the Police had pulled over the other van, we had no idea what for. Turns out the Police were after me but in the distance saw the taillights merge and had assumed that the overtaking van had completed the overtake and was in front when in fact I was behind. So as it was, they didn't book the other guy. What was interesting though was that the first thing the trooper said to the other driver was "I know you boys have been drinking". How did she know that if she hadn't been called in by the sheriff from the bar!

    We don't know what it was that got the Sheriff off-side because it was the only time that I have ever not been accepted well as an Australian by an American. Maybe he didn't like us gatecrashing the local bar like that. But either way, the Sheriff was out to get us that night and it wouldn't have taken much for some of our boys to have ended up in the cells. I reckon one smart ass comment would have done it.