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Dealing with housemate damage

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by mattizie, Sep 27, 2012.

  1. Not as interesting as all the TAC stuff going on, but anyway.

    Just wanted to know if anyone has had any issues with very bad house mates, in particular the ones that damage your bike.

    And more specifically how did you deal with them with regards to getting them to fix your bike. What legal processes did you follow/avenues did you take?

    House-mate has garage parties almost every day of the week, garage is the only place I can keep my bike. Bike has since suffered from a snapped tab at bottom right fairing (think someone's kicked it), dint in tank, scratches from them writing shit in the dust, the usual stuff idiots do.

    This may seem like it should go in a rant section, but I'm actually looking for legal help, so I put it here. But feel free to post with rants of your bad room mate experiences.

    I'm going to sleep for now (been a long 35 hours). Thanks a lot in advance.
  2. the police and go from there? do you like your housemate? whats he/she saying about it all? photo's for evidence (before/after?) ect.
  3. Move out!

    Sorry, that is all.

    Good luck.

  4. Involve more bikes....50+ ....then whilst standing around talking you can point to your housemate and explain that him and his mates are the reason that your bike is messed up....should be popcorn worthy....alternatively I'd imagine it'd be a civil court claim type deal...legal wise you'd be best off talking to one of our members 'justus'
  5. Who runs the house?

    My first thing would be, why are you or him still there?

    If your the boss, kick him out and keep his bond, if you collected any.
  6. As mentioned above, who's name is it under/runs it? First speak to them in a civil manner that the damages caused are caused by them/their mates and that they should be paid for. If it happens again, you will start taking legal actions.

    Alternatively, kick them out.
  7. Park it in the kitchen instead. Easy to move to the lounge room when you want to watch the GP & you can keep an eye on it.
  8. ...funny you say that. I parked my race bike in my dining room when I was rebuilding it...sat on it while watching the motoGP. All I needed was a large fan in front of me and it would have felt like I was there :).
  9. Livin the dream Phongus (y)
  10. Sorry for no replies, been a busy week.

    Just to clarify, it is a share house that the landlord (who doesn't live on the property) owns. It was the cheapest and best place I could find, but I'm locked into a 6 month lease so I can't move yet. Otherwise I would have just kicked them out and kept the bond as payment.

    [MENTION=30263]ShAdY[/MENTION] knife,
    Yes, I have taken picures, and no I don't like him.
    Should I call the police? Or hire a lawyer? Keeping in mind that I am a uni student and don't have a lot of money to throw around.
  11. smash his ****ing head in,, seriusly
  12. No proof of who caused the damage or when.

  13. Have you actually spoken to him yet? He may not even realise there's an issue. At least point out that his drunk mates keep damaging your bike and gauge his reaction.
  14. Northerner makes a good point, you are committed to the lease as presumably is he for the next six months so you want to try and be civil. Find a more secure place for the bike if you can preferably one that locks. Get the damage assessed and then you can write a letter of demand for the damages yourself. The problem is you have no proof or witnesses that your co-tenant did the damage or that it was done with his knowledge.

    Good Luck you have to find a more secure way to store your gear if others don't have any respect for it. After 6 months look for a better person to share with.
  15. I'd be spending $50 on a bike cover as a start, that won't stop them but it'll reduce the temptation.
  16. Install a camera in the garage? Since he have a party almost every week it won't be long before you catch them.

    Ignore my idea. Do what the guy below said.
  17. Install a camera in their bedroom. Use the blackmail money from the footage obtained to buy a new bike ;)
  18. Face it you will never get the money out of him...spend the rest fo your lease torturing him, quietly. Start with hair removal lotion in his shampoo...fleas in his bed...flies in his vegimite...non violent stuff like that.
  19. I was hoping this would denigrate into a housemate prank thread.

    Might I suggest hiding barley sugars in the shower head, gradually mixing gravox into their coffee, or if you have access to their room try moving a particular item of furniture a few mm in a particular direction every day (I prefer the subtle pranks which no-one can ever really be sure you're responsible for) :demon:
  20. Does said housemate own a car/bike? Karma's a biatch.