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Dealing with close calls

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Nov 23, 2006.

  1. I'm still on my P's so got limited experience. What i would like to know is do you guys get used to having close calls?

    I was almost pushed into on-coming traffic today by some cage who didn't care/didn't look/whateva tried to merge into me going bout 60/70kmh.

    He was in the middle lane and i was in the right lane on the hume hwy in bankstown.

    I just thank god i was on the right wheel track cause it gave me enough buffer to see this moron merge into me and i had JUST enough time to react by braking quite heavily and almost losing it in the process!

    I'm very careful with buffering, not staying along side any car and other road craft techniques but this was peak hour in the afternoon which makes making space more difficult.

    I keep thinking i was this close to being pushed onto oncoming traffic and at the moment its taken alot of the pleasure of wanting to ride.

    Unfortunately the moron kept cutting in and out of other lanes and following him/her woulda been dangerous so i let it go.

    I know this stuff happens alot but how do you guys deal with it? I mean if didn't ride its pretty rare that you think to yourself "Shite that was close i coulda died today!"
  2. Close calls is something you get used to.
    Those F@#ken cages don't look, don't care and don't give a dammmmm!
    I've had lots of moron's do that to me! some have appoligised, some try to offload the blame and others just ignore!
    In 98% of the time this happend because the F#$kers don't do a head check!

    Sure I've been mad, abusive and have wanted to do thing to them that would get me in all sorts of trouble!

    All I now is that if your ok and the Bike is OK don't worry about it!

    My only advice is to give yourself space or make space to accommodate those f#@k up's.