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Dealership Rant

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by DangerFox, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. Just want to have a rant.

    It all started as a few people know when my 2 month old gs500f decided to sieze itself in the middle of nowhere. After the initial 5 months of f*ckups and 2 engine rebuilds from suzuki gloucester they finally let me pick it up saying it was fixed. But behold halfway home oil light comes on again. So back into the shop i originally bought it from. After a further 2 months sitting in their shop the head mechanic gets fired and finally i get my bike back. While they had it they manage to scratch the back of the mirrors and scuff up the 2 side engine covers. Plus my insurance and rego has only 2 months left on it. Suzuki agree to pay for my rego ($450) but won't pay for my insurance ($1300). Fine i'll except the loss but i'll never buy a suzuki again.

    So rego runs out and instead of keeping the pos bike a decide to trade it in and use the money suzuki owe me towards a new bike. So off i head into the dealer i've been dealing with as they can get the money out of suzuki for me. I pick a new bike, a 2001 cbr929rr and say i'll take it. So give them my bike, the money from suzuki and some money from me on the tuesday and they say it'll be ready on friday. In the mean time they lend me a cbr125..... great they give me a bike 1/8th of the size of the one i'm buying. Hey at least they are giving me a bike.

    So i ring on the friday and ask what time can i get it? 5pm apparently. they've had the entire week to do there dealer checks on it and they've left it to the last minute. Whatever as long as i get it. But no i get there at 5 and they say its got a faulty reg/stator so im going to have to wait untill after the weekend. They say i'll have it by wednesday at the latest. So here we are wednesday afternoon i've still got the pos cbr125, I've missed out on 2 rides and a week of beautiful weather and no work, And everytime i ring, the initial salesperson is too busy and noone else can tell me whats going on. Not even the workshop.

    I guess to sum it up some dealerships just don't seem to want our business bad enough to work for it. They'd rather rely on first time buyers.
  2. I'd ask for refund on what they owe me and just go somewhere else. If they treat me like that in a dealership the first time around I's just stay away and never deal with them again.
  3. I guess if you're only going to get some credit for the Suzuki from THAT dealership on a new bike, then you are pretty snookered. But quite frankly, I believe they have something to hide about the new purchase too; if I could, I'd not be buying a box of matches from them. Take what money you have and see if an honest dealer will trade your bike and look after you.
  4. I would suggest visit the dealer and demand the money or the bike, and advise them you will not be leaving until the deal is settled, if you have to stay there for 4 or 5 hours so be it, Demand it is sorted out.
    be polite but firm.

    Most places like this will just keep pushing you to the back of the line until you start to get pushy, get pushy!!

    If it was me I would have been on to Consumer affairs, Suzuki twice daily, The local paper, The dealer principal 3 or 4 times a day, Visit them 2 to 3 times a day.

    There making your life difficult, make there's difficult, I know a lot of people will say it's not the dealers fault if they are waiting for parts. Stiff! they are a representative of that company, so bother them until it is sorted.
  5. That sucks.

    But on the upside, you're getting a madtastic bike any day now :)