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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by wernicke, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. evening, im new to the bike world pretty much and only have moderate experiance with few old dirt bikes. Im booked in to go for my l's next month. anyway i was wondering if anyone could suggest any good dealer to purchase a 250 from. im not to confident with private sale as im not to sure what to look for quality wise so any suggestions would be good. the only place ive looked at was sumoto which seems reasonable. anyone have any experiancew with them?

  2. 1. Welcome, and I'm sure you will receive many more when you post yourself over in the intro forum
    2. A quick search will reveal many, many posts on experiences with Sumoto, you will soon draw your own conclusions
    3. There are plenty of real riders here who will help you with great advice. Obviously I'm not one of them 'cause I'm just a scooteristi :(

  3. Welcome to the forums Wernicke. :grin:

    You don't say where you are located in your profile. Depending on location, I'm sure there would be a friendly netrider or two who would offer you assistance.
  4. What she said (hi baby :) ) a location would be a help
  5. Make sure you don't go there again mate. They are anything BUT reasonable. :roll:

    The only thing reasonable about them is their likelihood of ripping you off.