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Dealer will not fit genuine Paint Protection.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adxdopefish, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I posted this over at Triumph Rat forums but I would like to get your take on it as well.

    I recently purchased a brand new 2012 Triumph Sprint GT from our local dealer, Rising Sun Honda in Townsville. They are an authorised Triumph dealer and service centre.

    With the bike I also ordered extended windscreen, tank pad, top box, and paint protection.

    The accessories finally arrived yesterday and most of it was fitted, with the exception of the paint protection. Apparently they cannot do this as they say it requires someone with the experience of a signwriter to fit.

    I called Triumph Australia and they were surprised by this. They also gave me some tips if I wanted to do the installation by myself, but that's not really the point is it? If I am able to do it myself, I am sure that the authorised dealer is also quite capable. And considering I have an invoice here with a price that includes the accessories and installation, I think it would be fair that they follow through on that.

    How would you guys handle the situation? It really feels like once these guys have sold a bike and have their money, they no longer really care about the customer.

    I needed to get that off my chest.

    - Brad
  2. Well since you paid for the items and service, I would expect them to deliver on what was purchased. If they can't put it on at the workshop, why would they have sold it to you in the first place?

    I would ask them to put it on or refund you the money. Then you just go and get it done at a third party. If they don't refund the money, then you can say well I paid for it, you said you will do it, so you do it! <---second option may become a problem if the guys are a bunch of knobs and lie to you about doing the job after you confront them.

    Personally, I'd get a refund if possible and then use that refund to get a third party to do the job.
  3. overpriced and worthless. Go to a quality automotive detailer and get opti-coat applied to your bike, will be heaps cheaper, last longer and will be done properly.
  4. Going by the post saying you need a signwriter, I am guessing its the clear plastic film. I have it on my bike, and its good shit.
  5. Yeah I thought that too, bout the film.
    Have you paid them for it. If you have they have to refund your money in full @ the time of purchase if the bike.
    We use to use a window tinting guy to do the film at our shop. He was amazing.
    TBH the bike shops charge way more than it's worth as well. Go see a tinting guy when you get your cash back or do it yourself. It can look crap after a few months if you live rural because of the grit and stones everywhere.
    I do my fork legs and the front of my center fairing with 3M clear film. Also the rear ducktail..tie downs so forth really scratch the paint.
  6. If you payed for the application you deserve a refund.Just because you can service a bike or rebuild a motor descent mean you can do a good job applying this stuff,good on them for admitting this.I wouldn't like them practising on my brand new bike.But they should have organised someone who could do a good job of it.Its smart business to make you happy.In these times blokes like you stumping up to buy I would think are a bit rare.
  7. just ask for a refund, if you ask them to do it for you they are likely to just lie and tell you they did such a good job its totally transparent and thats why you cant see it.

    A third party would be better i think.
  8. If a dealer doesn't have the knowhow, or just doesn't want to, I would'nt let them touch my new bike.

    Have you worked out what is required. If so, go to paint shop and have them do it. Or forget about that, and just get a refund.
  9. +1 I have hard enough time letting them touch them when they claim to have the skills.
  10. If it is the film stuff, get a refund and order the 3M kit from a place called Clear Armour (I think). I got the tank kit for my bike and to install its just soapy water, position the film, then let it dry. It's the same way as they tint car windows. Easy to do and save you some money also.

  11. To be fair, I think it's actually good of them to say they need someone with specialist skills to apply it rather than just do a second rate job and hoping you don't come back later. Not saying its right that they sold it to you and then decided they couldn't do it but all things considered its the lesser of two evils.
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    That's the stuff. Got it on my sprint. Dealer fitted, team moto Virginia

  13. I'm a signwriter. If it indeed is a vinyl wrap then yeah, it's going to need professional application. You can do it yourself, but I will absolutely promise you you're going to get a crease or two here and there. If you're fine with that, then DIY for sure.