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Dealer V Private

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Jace_F, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I am guessing this has likely been asked a million times but I dont know if it varies from bike to bike.

    I am guessing its a bit like buying a car from a dealer or privately, generally I feel like theres more protection buying from a dealer than in private hence most cars I have bought have been dealer purchased. Does this apply to bike purchases as well? Where have most people bought?

    Also, since I am know looking at a VTR250 again how many kms makes a bike ancient? Looking through bike point theres everything from 16K to 65K. Obviously it depends how its treated and looked after but is there a point where one would think hang on, thats getting a bit worn?

    Thanks for all your wonderful insights!
  2. The advantage with buying private is you often get the chance to meet and talk with the previous owner, which can often tell you more about the condition of the bike than anything else.

    Dealers offer the advantage of convenience and the ability to offload a trade-in at the same time. But you do pay for that.

    Really just a question of what is more important to you. Time or money?
  3. They are good at making you feel like that aren't they? There is very little protection really. New vehicles are sold at a loss, where do you think they make most of their money?

    I bought from a dealer a few times, Never again.
  4. If you're not after a new bike then I would suggest private is the way to go.

    Do your proper checks and you should be fine. I think in NSW you can actually get a certificate from REVS if you pay for it and it provides some further protection - not sure on the details but it may be worth looking into - essentially then you should have the same protection as a buying from a dealer but with the reduced sale price.
  5. I would agree with that. In NSW (at least) they are required to give you some warrantee, but it is usually so conditional it is worthless.

    When buying from a dealer the only things you can be sure of is:
    a) they are lying
    b) you paid too much.
  6. Not true. Even if you think the dealer is selling the bike for less than they bought it from the manufacturer, what you aren't considering is the manufacturer's cash back subsidies to the dealer.
  7. If buying privately make sure you check the bike thoroughly and dont just check out one bike but check 3 or 4. If you find yourself a pearler, ask a mechanic to go over it before you purchase it just to make sure. Could save a lot of hassle down the road.
  8. It is about convenience. I have done it a couple of times, once when it was a cracking deal on a SV1000 that the dealer wanted to move (it was a Harley/Ducati dealer). The second was to pick up an Aprillia SXV which I didn't want to risk without a long term warranty. That second one cost me but I think it was worth it for the protection.

    My other 16 bikes I've owned- all private. Though I did buy a CB125 once for $350 that didn't make it home for the sellers place. That probably wasn't the best buy. Sold it to my mate for $300 without fixing though so whatever.
  9. I rang a dealer about a SXV in Melbourne yesterday - he said there was no warranty on used motorbikes

    is this true in VIC ?

  10. There is a minimum 3 month waranty in Victoria if the bike sales price is over $5k.
  11. Thanks it is over 5 grand and I was still told no warranty when the guy rang me on the phone

    so time to name and shame

    Dealer details:
    Name: A1 Motorcycles
    Address: 68 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood, VIC
    Phone: 03 9870 1256
    Email: sales@a1motorcycles.com.au
  12. I don't think I've really heard of a dealer that truly honoured these "warranties", I'd take it with a pinch of salt. In saying that though I did buy an absolute lemon of an SV650 and was refunded my full purchase price.

    Other friends that have tried to claim on these warranties have always been duped into paying at least some money towards a repair or "service" that was done at the same time.

    I would say the only real security you get from a dealer is the clear title but again there are ways to work around this.

    PS the above is for used not new vehicles
  13. Second hand,
    Under 3 grand there is no warranty, AS IS,
    Over 3 grand you get the 3 months warranty, Hahahahahahahahahahaha
  14. My experience 2nd hand less headache less attitude.
  15. You might want to check the "warranty" rights in Victoria when buying a used bike as I asked Consumer Affairs a few months back and they said:

    "Used motorcycles bought from a licensed dealer are not covered by any warranty, however the Fair Trading Act 1999 says that it requires goods to be of merchantable quality and fit for purpose.
    From 1 January 2011, purchasers of new and used motorcycles will be covered
    by consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law that will offer
    more clearly defined consumer protection where goods are defective or

    It appears that most dealers who offer a 3 month warranty usually include the cost of it in the price you pay and I'm sure they can find ways of showing that a fault isnt covered!

    As mentioned before, get a good mechanic to check it out, and even if you don't know one, there are places that will do pre-purchase inspections for you.
  16. Just on another dealer V private angle thats not directly bike related. How about the gear packages offered by some dealers? Good value or not so much?
  17. some can be... the bike I've put the deposit on is a little bit more than a 2nd hand bike of similar milage but I've managed to get a slip on scorpion exhaust a lot cheaper, a ventura rack a lot cheaper than I could find online, free gloves, got the 3months warrenty (will see if it's needed and how well it holds up lol) and some braided lines gonna be fitted on the cheap as well.

    Had to buy my gear from a shop as my sizing just wasn't available in pretty much any dealer but it meant the goodies I wanted on the bike I got the prices knocked down on a lot.