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Dealer Used Bikes

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by lsr, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. About how much are dealers prepared to be talked down to on LAMS bikes? I'm looking at a couple of bikes around the 3k to 5k price range and am wondering what deals they will do, or are they more likely to throw in gloves/pants etc.

  2. More likely to offer discounts on gear. The price is always more negotiable if you wave cash in front of them however.
  3. Depends on the dealer, the bike and pretty much a heap of other things.
  4. lsr, before you commit to a bike, check out the private market first.

    Unless the bike is new or still has manufacturer's warranty remaining it may not come with a warranty. Victoria, for example, does not require dealers to offer warranty on used bikes.

    Private sellers don't have the same profit markup that dealers have. And while a lot of them may have prices that attract the "tell 'im 'e's dreamin'" comments, they should be more amenable to negotiating.

    If a dealer "throws" something in with the deal you can be assured that the cost of that item will be factored into the bike's sale price. Or, it's something that they want to get rid of, such as old stock.

    From what I understand they don't have that much room to move on accessories, riding and safety apparel.

    Good luck.
  5. top post!

    care to elaborate?
  6. When I bought my first bike, a 250 bandit, it was sdvertised at 3900 from a bike shop. I called them and said if I come and have a look, like it and everything checks out, would 30 green bills waved infront of the boss be enough. Speaks to the boss, he see's $$$$ and says yes.
    I got a ripper of a bike (r.i.p) for 3k.
  7. I tried making a not so ridiculous offer to a dealer was denied. Ended up buying privately. Was your dealer city, suburban or rural?
  8. i got my first bike ZZR250 like that, dealer had i think $5800 on it and i got it for $5000 + super discount on my shoei TZR lid.

    same thing i had cash and they wanted to move the bike.
    its amazing the difference cash vs finance makes even though they tell you it doesn't matter to them.... i always seem to get better deals if i produce a bank cheque.
  9. Most dealers aren't interested in you unless you've got at least 5k and even then they're not that bothered.

    The 2002 zzr250 I bought from action was listed as 6990 :roll: Bought it for 5 grand (back in 06) low kms. That was the last day of the month so maybe that helped.

    I asked them about how they could include cheaper gear at a good rate but they palmed it off with the 'oh we will give you a vip card' crap, but seriously thats only 10% and you can get at least that much off if you buy alot of gear at the same time and place. I didn't buy anything from there, I went to team moto for a helmet, gloves and jacket and they knocked off 15% or something.

    If you are going to make gear part of your negotiations, have them chosen already and written down with their prices so you can talk specifically about them as part of the deal.