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Dealer Servicing

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Hendo72, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hi All,

    I would like to know your thoughts on OE Dealer Services, be it good or bad. If you think it is too dear or staff not trained well, I will accpect positive or negative comments. The reason why is I would like know what is happening with servicing these days if people still use the OE dealer or not.


  2. I don't get my bike serviced at the dealer simply because it's too expensive. I do most of the servicing myself at home and get things which are outside of my capability done at a motorcycle servicing workshop (60 degrees)
  3. I had my first service at the dealer but found it far too expensive for what was offered. I also asked to go through the workshop and did not see any fancy equipment there that would lead me to believe that I would not get as good a service at any other professional workshop.

    Had they been able to demonstrate that they had factory trained techs and specialised equipment that would ensure a better level of service (all round) I would be prepared to pay top dollar for it, but as they can't I'm more than happy to spend my money down at my local mech who has been looking after me for years.
  4. The only time I got a bike serviced by the dealer, it ended costing more than was quoted & a gasket was put on incorrectly, resulting in an oil leak. Not a complicated thing to get right.

    Needless to say, I do all my own servicing now. It's better because it's cheaper, it happens in my own time, I don't need to take time off work, etc.
  5. basic stuff I do myself, but my baby needs a tune and dammit it's gonna cost me money I hate spending. I dont know how to tune a bike.
  6. I think it depends on the dealer in question. I had my last 3 bikes serviced at the same dealer and had no issues, good value, good workmanship etc. When I replaced my Z1000 with the M109R from another dealer they managed to mess up a simple oil change (only used them for the stamp in the warranty book). Will never use them again.
  7. I'm another who does 96% of my own servicing, Owning a few motorcycles it is to expensive to pay someone to do it and from my experiences most workshops now are far to profit (and not customer) orientated.

    Plus I have come to really enjoy spending time working on my bikes, I even fix things that aint broken yet.. its a great way to spend a lazy sunday!
  8. I'm with sbk. Its great working on the bikes yourself. Enjoyable and cheaper by far. Even basics like oil and filter can save $$. Recently put cahin and sprockets on the cb900. Watched some utube vids and used the manual. Be careful and think things out beforehand and go steady. You acn learn a lot about your bike. Having said that some things need the mechanic. I've found Western at Penrith to be good value and approachable.
  9. I bought my bike from PS Ringwood and when 1st service was due I did the ring around.

    I found Brighton Kwaka, PS Ringwood, 60 degree, Mad Biker and Mick Hone all around the same price with Brigton kwaka having loan bikes as part of the package. In the end I went to 60 degrees there 5 mins from home, (Bloody cabs cost $15 each but.) are around the same price and the service is pretty good and have a nice range of products to purchase as well if wanted. 1 disadvantage with 60 degrees is they cant do any warranty work for me if required which means going to either brighton or PS and you know they will put it on the back burner. This is not a reflection of 60 degrees just disadvantage.
  10. can't go anywhere that dose'nt supply a loan bike. i don't have a car.

    can't risk going to Peter Stevens. need the bike to get to work.

    theres actually only two places in Melbourne where i will take my bike to get serviced.
    1. i know who will be working on my bike
    2. i get complete service. that means they can either pick up and deliver the bike back to me. or they can provide me with loan transport until my bike is ready.
    3. i get an itemized receipt that lists everything and i am returned the old parts if i want to see them.
    4. work is'nt done than dose'nt need to be done yet.
    5. i trust them with my bike. this is important. mechanical failure on a bike will kill you.
    6. they recognise that the bike is for utilitarian use and that i rely on it. many service centres assume otherwise, that you will have a car and just get the bike fixed for you whenever.
  11. I've learnt to 98% service my bike over the years...so far all good,with a lot less tears than my Dealer experiences.
    I like the wholistic aspect of you knowing exactly what your bike is like mechanically-wise.
    Although,as I get older, if BMW (for example) could come up with a 'capped-service' plan like Toyota I might be tempted
    I know some Ducati owners who get 50% off by dropping the bike off at the shop with all the plastic striped off...
  12. You ride a bmw bike? Live in Victoria?
    take it to Ringwood BM, not southbank.
    end of story.
  13. Dealer servicing can suck and be very expensive for what you get in return.
    Servicing and accessories are where bikes shops make their gravy. Probably more.
    A guy who has his bike serviced at the same place three or four times a year will get it cheaper than Jo Av who just lobs at the service desk, or rings on the phone.
    Mr loyal customer also receives more discounts on his accessories because he bought his bike, helmet and has his bike serviced here all the time.
    He suffers less grief at warranty claim time.
    And lastly gets his mates rates on insurance and finance.
    But even then he is still paying more than you would doing it yourself.
    But when trouble arises he is covered.
    So I guess you have to work out what type of person you are and what matters more. Service or the buck
  14. Sooooooooooooooo, where are the only two places you take your bike for service?? I like the idea of a loaner bike, what kind of bike have you got? I am looking for somehwere to tune my cb900f, fuel injected and commander 3 I think under the seat..
  15. Apologies for hijacking an old thread with a rant, but I just need to vent for a bit.

    I've recently had a negative experience with a dealer service centre (one previously mentioned on this thread). Here's the problem, when I got my bike back from a regular service, I'd noticed the chain slack wasn't adjusted according to service manual specs.

    I don't mind paying for a "professional" service, as long as I get what I've paid for, and when they can't get something so elementary right, I wonder if there's anything else "less visible" they might have forgotten.

    When I called to complain, to their own credit they offered to re-adjust the chain (which I declined), however this was after they'd arrogantly denied making a mistake, and then even tried blaming me for their mistake. Suffice to say they wont be getting repeat business from me, and I wont be recommending them to any fellow riders.***

    It really comes down to a matter of TRUST.

    Throughout the years I've always serviced/repaired my own vehicles, my own time being more affordable than that of a mechanic's; however now that I'm "time poor" and can actually afford to have professional servicing done, I'm wondering if I'm actually better off still doing it all myself.

    *** As much as I'd like to publicly name and shame the place in question, I'm hopeful that this was just an isolated incident, and one smart-arsed receptionist who doesn't understand the value that customer service provides in repeat business.
  16. We agree, it gets down to cost, convenience and trust. Dam right that you should be annoyed if work was incomplete for what you paid for.

    The paying customer ought to feel comfortable in bringing something not right to our attention. We do train our team not to be defensive, to apologise, give an affirmation and confirm that PSM will take care of any work payed for that was not completed properly.

    If *** is PSM then we need to know so we can take action and train or refresh our people properly on how to handle a complaint and bring the missed adjustment to the techs attention. It's even better if we have specific recent examples to assist with improving the level of service which can only mean a better rider experience for us all.

    I know you've already notified the service department but if it is PSM could you PM your receipt # and we'll take it up with those concerned.

    Thanks for your post,