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Dealer recommendations (NSW)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Danhendo888, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. so i've just got my Ls and am planning to buy the ninja 300 new 2014 model

    has anyone recently had a pleasant experience buying a new ninja 300 from a dealership in nsw? were you happy with the service, price etc

    recommendation of dealerships (if allowed here) would be awesome as i intend to buy a bike this weekend.

  2. Great bike mate. Get on the phone and ring all the dealers and get the best price u can. Enjoy and don't bin it ;-)
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  3. When I was looking, some dealers had ordered a heap of bright green ones, and were selling them for $5500-5800 onroad...
  4. A superbike compared to my first bike, the mighty BSA Bantam. It had to be ridden flat out all the time, every time and had bugger all brakes but I rode the arse off it for several years and had an absolute ball.
    Even took my mate fat Edward for a few rides on it but he often fell off the back at traffic lights.
    The little Ninja goes like the clappers in comparison so ease up on it and practice your survival skills, have fun.
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  5. Everyone I know that has or had a ninga 250/300 was very happy with it. The magazines also say they are a great bike. I use Bike Biz in Granville for all my servicing and have been very happy with them. I occasionally have a look at the new bikes and the salesmen are all friendly an no pressure. Spoke with Scott a few times and will probably look for him when it comes time to upgrade down the track. Also phone all the dealers as get thier prices, then be prepared to haggle and get them to throw in some free stuff as well and have fun. Also book a test ride first to make sure you like the bike and feel confortable.
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  6. nahh don't think so lol
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    oh ok.
    as long as advertising is ok ;)
    Great Southern Motorcycles at South Nowra offered me plain green ninja 300 for $5800, I believe that was onroad price. ($6800 for other colours onroad). their story was they bought 20 or 30 upfront..

    I was told about the $5500 offer from a guy that bought one from place in Campbelltown, iirc it was On Two Wheels, but not 100% sure on that.

    I went for a used bike, but was very tempted ;)

    OTW is advertising green only 2014 ninja300 for $6400 ride away on their site... the 2013 green only is a little cheaper ;)
    you just need to haggle a bit :)

    edit: or are you saying that's too expensive for a new bike? /confused :p
    oh.. no green?? sticker kit to make it look like the Monster version or SE version or something :p

    when you bend it.. you can put on whatever colour fairings you want ;)
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  8. It's a great beginner bike. 3 months ago I got my 300 SE ABS from Bikebiz-Granville. $6500 ride away. I couldn't haggle the price down but got discounted price on riding gear. The people are very accommodating and service is great. Everyone there will surely be able to assist you with what ever queries you might have. But ask for a guy named Scott Floyd. He's the one who helped me out and I'm sure he'll work out a good deal for you. (y)
  9. thanks a bunch for pointing me in the right direction in terms of prices by the way
    though i couldn't be bothered to go all the way to nowra to buy it lol