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dealer pays?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by emsie, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    In another thread, I've been talking about a mate who'll be doing my 1000k service for me (and getting it checked n signed by a mechanic). I have a few things I wanted to get some opinions on in the meantime.

    My bike's a 2005 (09/05) VTR250 which was ex-demo/loan at Bill's Motorcycles on Main North Rd here in Adelaide. The day I put a deposit down and signed the contract, I test rode it and it had about 800ks on it. Unbeknown to me, for the few days while I was waiting for my finance to come through, they were still lending it out (they even tried to delay delivery because it was still out on loan - that was the first I'd heard of it still going out and I told them what I thought of that!!!).

    When I took delivery of the bike, it had about 1100k's on it. I didn't mind too much - as far as I was concerned, it was the bike being worn in for me. I checked the paperwork in the warranty card and they'd signed off the pre-delivery stuff being done (not that I trust it had been).

    It's very recently been pointed out to me that even tho the bike was over 1000ks when I took delivery of it, that pre-delivery stuff would not have included the first service and to be honest, I have to agree - the first service hadn't been signed off in the warranty book.

    So, based on that, am I right in sending a message to Honda saying what happened and asking them if, perhaps, the dealer really should've done that service before I took delivery of it (at their cost)? As far as I'm concerned, it was in their care when it crossed the 1000k mark even though I signed the contract at the 800k mark. Biggest point of contention is probably gonna be proof but I'm sure that I should have *something* that says the mileage on the day I bought it.

    Any thoughts?

  2. Not sure where you stand 'legaly' but i'd be asking them to pay for the 1000K service at least.
  3. I'd be asking the dealer, but not holding out hope. It doesn't have much to do with Honda, as the bike was second hand and it's up to the dealer what deal he makes.

    Did you have a deposit down whilst they were lending it out?

    If so, I'd be playing the pissed off card and trying to get the service that ways.
  4. It's actually listed as a "new" bike on all the sales docs - wasn't owned by anyone other than the dealer prior to me buying it.

    Aside from that, yes, I signed the sale contract and left a $300 odd deposit according to the paperwork. I got a call on the day, or maybe the day before the bike was meant to be handed over to ask if we could make it a day later cos it was still out on loan. I told them they would be bringing it back in immediately because not having a loan bike wasn't my issue when I'd signed the contract to buy this bike. So yes, the bike was still out on loan in between me signing the contract and taking delivery of the bike.
  5. That is piss poor performance from the dealer.

    Phone Honda and tell them what this dealer thinks of its customers and how they chose to behave and represent the company that is Honda.

    I would be demanding the first service be done free of charge.

    That is just ludicrous.
  6. vic, this is the same dealer who tried it on with "on road costs".. As far as I'm concerned, on road means "on road, nothing else to pay". They were trying it on that since the bike still had a month of rego on it, I leave it registered in their name till it ran out, then pay stamp duty, transfer fees and new rego when it expired.

    I put my foot down well and truly for that and made them go halves in stamp duty and transfer fees as a goodwill gesture for a "miscommunication on both sides". My argument of "so if I get pulled over by the police, how do I prove I own this bike??" was only heeded after a few goes. Seriously.
  7. Well how about letting us know who the dealer is so we can be 'carefull' when dealing with them.
  8. It was stated in the first post:
    Write a letter to Bill's Motorcycles or give them a call, tell them if no action is taken you have intention to inform Honda Australia.

    If the don't take action, write the letter to Honda Australia, you should get a free service, cash back through them or Bill's.

    It sounds tedious but you should've mentioned it to them straight away.
  9. Dezerteagle: now that I've had it blatantly pointed out that pre-delivery isn't the same as the first service, I'm absolutely kicking myself cos it's now 6 months down the track. I'm hoping that I can maybe try and get docs out of them to say what date they last loaned it out and what k's were on it. That's pretty much gonna be my saving grace to prove it I reckon. But yeah, you're right. I'm hoping no one else makes the assumption that stuff like this has been done before they take delivery of a bike :shock:
  10. It's going to be very tough being 6 months down the track, doesn't hurt trying I guess.
  11. Agree.
    But for a few hundred $$ not woth the hastle after all this time, it's not like you can ask them to do the service which they MAY have agreed to do.
  12. I'm waiting for the call back where hopefully they give me the mileage of the last time it was loaned out.

    The point is not necessarily to get a free service out of it - I've been screwed over and to be honest, I'm sick of it from these guys. Accessories-wise, they've been fantastic to us. Sales-wise, they've been bastards and I'm sick of finding things that they've pulled swifties on.

    If I get a cashback or a free service, great. To be honest, I am not entirely sure I even WANT them to do a service on my bike since it'll be under duress and if they were waiters, they'd be spitting in my food when I get done with them :p
  13. Bill's are twats.

    The first story was that a minor service had been done on the 24th of March last year and that I wouldn't need another service till 6K. Delved a little further into that when I questioned why it hadn't been signed off if that was the case (I bought the bike in June apparently) and then it came out that this was a bit of oil and a fuel topup at 1km. Far cry from the 1K for the first service methinks.

    She said that the minor service that was done at 1km was the predelivery one when it comes out of the crate. So I reminded her again that mine wasn't straight out of the crate - it was ex-demo/loan. The docs were signed on the day to say that the predelivery inspection had taken place, however their service records indicate nothing other than this 1km service which was straight out of the crate. Am I the only one that doesn't sound right to? Shoulda mentioned that on the call.

    Anyways, then she immediately got defensive and said that I really should've checked it before I left, which is right and I did check the predelivery stuff was signed off, however they also shouldn't be *TRYING* to rip people off like this. *sigh* Pretty much my word against theirs but sure as shit I'll be letting Honda know that this is how their dealers operate.

    Conveniently they also don't have records after a few months about who had what bike and when so even the demo docs won't say anything IF they even had them anymore. Hoping I can find *something* to shove up their arses sideways when I take it to Honda :)
  14. Go get your money back and tell them to bang their bike and their ethics in their date.

    They sound like they have been drinking too much SA tap water, twats!!!
  15. Go have a chat to whoever regulates consumer related companies in SA, ACCC or whoever it is. They should be able to give you some advice, or you could makes some subtle threats. Might make them pay a bit more attention in future.
  16. they sold you old and used bike as new... that's not right
  17. I think cos it had only been registered to the dealer it kinda counts as new - that part's fine by me cos someone ran in the tyres and the engine for me. That part I'm absolutely fine with .. it's the being screwed over everytime I blink that I'm not too impressed about :)
  18. Yeah, if nothing else I want their name sullied :) I just have to be able to prove stuff at this point. Best I can prove so far is that the only time they've documented that they've touched the bike for any kind of inspection is at 1km and I certainly didn't buy the bike straight out of the crate. That's a good start, I'd just like to be able to ram it up them sideways with as much as I can find :D
  19. I've just found the holy grail for my argument. My insurance form, filled in on the day I took delivery (30th may 06) says that there was 1100 k's on the dial, meaning the bike was in their care at the time the 1000 km service was due.

    Additionally, there's no records of any servicing at the dealership, other than the service performed at 1km (straight out of the crate) however there's a signoff saying the predelivery service was performed in my paperwork, dated 30th of may :)

    I think I've got enough to go on to satisfactorily make their name mud ;)
  20. No offence, but that means nothing, just because the bike clocked over 1000km while they had it doens't make them liable to do the service for you.

    Don't get me wrong, they sound like dirtbags for loaning the bike out once you paid the deposit but I reckon you're pushing sh1t uphill to get a free service or refund. And six months on isn't going to help you much either, refusing to take delivery on the day would.

    Go your hardest with Honda and hopefully they come to the party, but I wou;dn't expect the dealer to :(

    And do you really want a pissed off dealer touching you're bike now ? I wouldn't, I'm not saying they would do anything but for peace of mind I'de take my business elsewhere and let the world know how they didn't look after you.