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Dealer or private sale? [Honda VT250 Spada]

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by jekyll, Feb 9, 2007.

  1. This dealer sounds like a good, safe choice. Pick your colour wisely.

  2. Private sale will give you better value for money. Avoid pink if you can.

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  3. A dealer's a better idea, but not this one ...

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  1. Hi all,

    Background: I'm a learner. I'm looking for my first bike. I've decided on a Honda VT250 Spada unless I don't like it in person. This is my first post.

    I've found what seems a good (and knowledgeable) dealer who're selling freshly imported spadas in top condition for $4500 with 12 months rego and a 3 month wty.


    I spoke at length to a guy there called Chris, who was very helpful and knowledgeable (and seemed a reputable guy proud of their reputation as a spada dealer).

    According to him, everything that might need conceivably need replacing (tyres, brake cables, etc) is replaced on these things, and i get to choose what paint job etc they come with; they're fresh imports from Japan and the wrenches there know them well.

    They have a few other learner machines there to bounce on to decide if I like the spada well enough to buy.

    I should (I hope) be able to sell one of these for around $3500 or so 18 months later in a private sale, so i'd lose $1000 tops on it - unless i wreck it; not too bad for 18 months' nice riding.

    And i get 20% off protective gear if i buy from them. I expect to spend around $1000, so i save $200 right there.

    Does this sound unreasonable to you? I could prolly get one for about $3300 in a private sale, but I'd get no warranty, risk getting a lemon, and prolly have to spend a bit to get it in similar condition even if it was a good one (at least take it in for a once-over) ... plus it'd take more time to find one ..

    Projected Expense:
    $4500     real nice spada w/ 12 months rego
    $800      riding gear (from $1000)
    $5300     Total expense
    $3500     Expected resale in 12-18 months
    ?         (peace of mind)
    Private Sale:
    $3500     (hopefully) real nice spada w/ 6 months rego
    $200      difference in rego (assuming about $400 / yr)
    $250      tune-up and fix anything which needs fixing (could be more)
    $1000     riding gear (as above)
    $4950     Total expense
    $3300     Expected resale in 12-18 months
    ?         (time spent hunting through classifieds)
    Are my assumptions realistic? Can anyone relate relevant past experience (esp with this dealer or buying a VT250 in a private sale) or offer their opinions?

    Any other general advice (other than "BUY A KWAKA DOOD thery DA SHITZ SPaDA iS SUXX0R") much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,
  2. mmmmm have a look at Sumoto in Netrider and then make a decision.
  3. Yes but they are not buying off Sumoto, it is another company they are talking about.
  4. The resale value on that hyo's going to be pretty low.

    Also, I hear mixed reports about Hyo's, but nothing bad never about the spada.

    I should also mention I'm in Sydney, NSW.

    Sumoto is Melbourne, no?
  5. Usually I'd say go private - the dealer can screw you just as much as a private seller, and charge you more into the bargain... but in this case, those guys in Caringbah have a good reputation so I think you can go with them safely enough.
  6. Yes but the SPADA could be a gray import? It could be many different SPADA's joined together. The Hyo is so new at 2003. I have seen them advertised for more than that private with more kms. Why bother with the spada when its from 1990?
  7. Thanks for the opinion about the Hyosan, but please keep replies on-topic - I don't really want to debate which kind of bike to get .. Just where to get the model I've decided on.

  8. No worries, good luck finding your 17 year old spada :)
  9. Spadas are great bikes, I would go for the cheapest one available. Don't pay more than $3.9k, it's just not worth it, and it seems to be the going rate at dealers these days.

    $4.5k seems a bit pricey to me, but then, were you going to pay the price they were asking?! There's always room for negotiation....especially since they'll be making profit on the gear they sell you also.

    I'd buy that one for $3.9k without a worry.
  10. the $3900 price is for bikes that someone's bought for $4500 to do their Ls and then traded back in (on consignment); they come without the warranty but do have rego I think (and presumably are in similar nick, just a little older).

    Sounds like a better deal actually ...
  11. The won't be older mate, maybe the only difference is they haven't cleaned them so well...

    Over $4k is silly money for a spada IMO.
  12. I paid $2600 for my Spada privately and am hugely happy with it. I think you'll be very lucky to sell one for $3500 privately when you're finished with it - that's more like a decent par price in a dealership.

    So, bottom line, I highly recommend the Spada, but recommend you keep looking for a more competitive price.
  13. You're in NSW and looking at a 250 :?

    Why not pick a fine steed from this lot
  14. Thanks Toecutter -

    Er ... that's a bit of an eye-opener, to say the least! I thought i had to be under 250cc.

    Still, I should probably stick with a 250 until i work out how not to kill myself ...

    That said, recommendations on Honda nakeds / standards which can be had for < $5,000 and which would be a step up from the Spada would be welcome :D

    The CB400 looks pretty nice.
  15. Maybe have a look at a 250 Hornet. im.on.it's seems pretty sweet.
  16. He has his mind set on the Spada though.
  17. All i know, or think i know, about the hornet is:
    1) It's an inline-4, so its powerband is going to be biased towards higher revs: probably not as good for inner city commuting, which is the primary use case, as the spada. But fun, no doubt.
    2) they look real nice, and pretty agressively styled.
    3) they cost a lot more than a spada (rarity value) from what i've seen, which probably rules it out.
  18. Each to their own, don't understand why you insist to have the Spada. :?
  19. Because I've seen no compelling reason to ditch it as my preferred choice.

    Based on what I've read /seen so far though (note: I haven't actually tried one out!) it seems a great choice for what I intend.

    I'll take some advice I was given though: to defer actually settling on anything until I've taken my pre-L training, ridden a few different beasties, and made sure it's a fit.

    That said, if you can think of anything you think is better in the $3-4,000 range, let me know (and why).