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Dealer name/location on BikePoint?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aheung, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Was looking on BikePoint for a NinJa250SE and found one advertised by a dealer.
    It didnt say the location of the dealer so i left a message using BP's messaging system.

    20minutes later got a call from the dealer that went something like this:

    Dealer: You called about the Ninja SE?
    Me: Yes I wanted to know where the bike is located.
    Dealer: Campbeltown, Are you going to come look at it?
    Me: Not sure, I need to check if I have time, I really just want to know where the bike was located first
    Dealer: You're not coming to look? It costs me $44 for you to ask me where the bike is located.
    Me: May be I shouldn't ask at all next time so you can save $44?
    Dealer: HUNG UP

    I didn't even get to ask if the price included rego.

    Why don't they just advertised the location of the bike/dealer on the ad?

    Or should I not have asked at all?
  2. Weird.
    He didn't want to sell it because he missed the opportunity to start selling it over their phone and try and encourage you to go and look at it. Asking where it is was an appropriate first question.
    Bkkepoint take means your Bikesales and all the dealer listing I've looked at just show the state as location wholesale private listing site show the suburb. Not sure what the dealers is or if it was just the way i searched.
    Bottom line is he wasn't trying to really sell it when you called.
  3. If you click the Seller Details, it should give a phone number and a LMCT number, just do a search on the LMCT and you should be able to work out who the dealer is. Might save you those frustrating phone calls
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  4. Oh!! DUH!!! i didn't even see that! Thanks Huckleburger!
    MY BAD!
    Sorry dude from OnTwoWheels!!!

    But to be fair though, it didnt cost them $44 to just to reply to my enquiry.
    (Unless they haven't had any other enquiries. In which case you might want to reprice the bike)
  5. is it true dealers get charged $$ per enquiry??
  6. I'm told by the dealer I bought my last bike from, that Bikepoint charges them when you enquire.

    Also, that the dealer isn't allowed to show their dealership in the ads.

    So the dealer has a point, but could have done a better job of encouraging you to come and see the bike.
  7. fair enough.
    that makes more sense why he got so annoyed with me.
    didnt realise they get charged/enquiry and not allowed to show dealership details.
    thought it was just like us private sellers charged flat fee to advertise.

    it makes even more sense now why some dealers post up bike pics containing signage of their dealership!
  8. If it costs the dealer per call you would think he would try better to make you want to come and look at it, rather than be an ass about it
    Just my opinion
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  9. They should list the location of the bike and it's a fair and reasonable question for you to ask. His attitude was really bad and you would think that with the market being the way it is at the moment, he'd be really keen to get your business. I wouldn't buy off someone with that attitude anyway - wonder if he's the owner or just works there. As said above, I always do lmct searches.
  10. No its not fair enough. If he doesn't want people to enquire because he gets charged, he shouldn't use that site to advertise. The guy was a dick end of story.
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  11. As has been said, Bikepoint, Bikesales and Carsales all charge the dealer a fee when an email enquiry is made.

    To defend the dealer, how many people go shopping to kill time or just for the sake of testing a bike so they can tell the world. At $44 a pop, ten calls, his margin has just about been erroded.

    Food for thought when you see inflated dealer prices on a sales site. I never contact them through the sites, always search the LMCT's.
  12. Don't like that Bikepoint enquiry model nor the way dealers write their ads. Was looking thru the site last week at Honda 400s with a genuine interest in starting the hunt for a new new bike. Anyway, the lack of location, other than the State, and all that POA POS stuff, together with the Bikepoint enquiry process just put me off and I went for a ride instead. HoHum.
  13. 10minutemail.com - get a throw away email address.
  14. Bikesales wouldnt allow hem to post the location otherwise you might just drop into the shop and they would lose the $44.

    Most dealers are smart enough to give clues.

    Trading post is better for looking for dealer bikes.
  15. Dealers are REALLY prepared to pay Bikesales THAT MUCH for a phone enquiry lead?????!!!!!!! Tell one of them they're nuts, and the second that they're dreaming!
  16. I'll bet that dealers don't look at the cost of selling 1 individual bike.
    Rather they would look at it over a 1/3/6/12 month period. They sold 'x' number of bikes, ripped off customers with 'x' number of hours at inflated labour and parts prices in the service department, charged outrageous prices for 'x' number of stock turnovers in the spares and accessory departments.......... less the cost of selling all of the 'stuff' = their profit margin.
  17. Its why bikeshops charge so much, its ridculous.
  18. The problem is that bike sales make their money from these fees charged to dealers that advertise. Just imagine if time wasters are just clicking away, 10 queries is $440 bucks, if I was a dealer I wouldn' be happy either. Cars sales have to display the dealer number, just google that number and do everyone a favour.
  19. Dropped into Cycletrader.com in the good old US of A for a bopeep at how the Yanks do it. . Have absolutely no idea of their business model. But what a difference in the bike for sale location information. Place, street, phone. Bit different to our homegrown.
  20. I would send another inquiry message asking to confirm the location as you weren't sure after he hung up.
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