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Dealer Info

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Scumbag, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Ok all, just wondering if anyone has dealt with Gassit Motorcycles in Fairfield before. After all stories good and bad.
    I am still in the market for a 250 for Mrs Scumbag and they seem to have a few listed on the website.
    Thanks in advance.

  2. I thought about buying a bike from them. They had a nice 1987 GPX250, if I remember correctly. I think it was going for about $2,900. I gave them a ring about it, and asked some questions. They were quite happy to answer them. I went out to see them (long drive from Narre Warren to Fairfield). They took me into the shop and showed me around. I asked some more questions, they showed me the bike, started it. I couldn't test ride it, hadn't got my L's at the time. Decided in the end that it wasn't the bike for me. All in all a pleasant experience even though I didn't purchase, they weren't too busy anwering phones, running off to other customers. They didn't treat me like dirt even though a sale was unlikely and they didn't ignore me or seem more interested to be doing something else. I was a valued customer in their eyes. Might have been the fact that I did mention that I'd come all the way from Narre Warren to see them...:LOL:
  3. They're nice people, and I get the impression that they know what they're about, but they're a bit sloppy when it comes to servicing and repairs. I've had experiences where they've promised to do something (re-adjust valves) and haven't, and a friend of mine has had a _very_ poor experience with a service he had. I've also had an experience where I had to fight to get the guy to admit that he didn't know what was wrong with my bike and didn't know when it could be fixed.

    That said, when they replaced my rear tire, chain/sprockets, re-bent my brake pedal, and replaced my right indicator, they did a good job and charged me a fairly competetive price.

    In other words, they're alright for a simple job, but in the future for anything tricky I'll take it to either Pete H or Action MC.
  4. I just gave them a call and asked them about a couple of bikes off their website. The gentleman was pleasant and helpful and did not mind me asking about current stock and pricing as well.
    I think I might just have to go for a wander out there and have a look.
  5. I personally have had good experiences with them. Helpful, very encouraging (first place I ever test rode a bike (for my first 250), and they wanted me to try bikes out and see which ones suited me - they were not reluctant like most other places are). Didn't end up buying, but did have a good experience.