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Dealer Inaccuracies - How to attack?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by DuaneDibbley, May 20, 2012.

  1. So I just bought a second hand bike from a dealer in Springwood, Brisbane and have noticed a few inaccuracies in the paperwork and the bike. I don't have much experience with dealing with this stuff so I'm after a little advice over how hard and what tone to chase these guys with.

    1. Dealer stated in our email discussions the bike had had it's 1mo/800km service completed. Upon getting the bike home and pulling the books out and having a read nothing has been stamped as being completed.

    2. I noticed the bike is registered as a Speed Triple and not a Street Triple. It's the original label from the 1st owner so it was ****ed up in Feb when they bought the bike.

    3. I bought some paddock stand bobbins on delivery which they handed to me (Ie I didn't pick them off a rack) and they don't fit. The packaging doesn't say which model they're actually for. Just that they're official Triumph parts.

    4. The comprehensive insurance the dealer organised for me spells my name incorrectly (after he confirmed the spelling correctly for me while he did the paperwork). It also incorrectly lists my one accident as being >1yr more recent than I stated. Premium they organised is good though.

    5. The whole time the bike was discussed the dealer referred to it as a 2012 Street Triple. Which is only half wrong. Manufactured in 10/2011 but is MY12. This doesn't bother me too much, it is just another annoying example of them not checking ANYTHING.

    On half the paperwork it's a 2012 model. On the safety certificate it's a 2011 Daytona 675.

    On the plus side - the bike is immaculate and I'm thoroughly in love with it. All this associated stuff is just leaving a really sour taste in my mouth! If they got all this other stuff so wrong, what else could be!

  2. ever bought a bike from peter stevens? i have and i really do hope it will be the last.
    my previous new bike experience was with honda and they really put p.s to shame. and was shocked to see how unpleasant buying a new one from a stealer can be. i had some similiar issues to you and really had to work to get everything sorted.

    my advice is to not sweat the small stuff, if they said they did the first service then chase that thing down, if you have to, stop dealing with the salesman and talk to the boss. people will tell you whatever the f@#k just to get the sale. and i basically think that ''if they said it it didnt happen''.

    my paper work is a real dogs breakfast also, fix what you need to, and remember next time to check everything properly before you sign. that includes the log book.

    at some stage they have changed the size to the bigger thread bobbins, i think theyre 8mm now?

    anyway good luck. enjoy the bike- which wont be too hard :) and you will soon forget where it came from :)
  3. At your next rego renewel, tell rego mob the bike model is wrong and needs to be corrected.

    Dealers will often use the sale date as the 'year' of the bike.
    It be quite feasible that it IS actually a 2012 model, that was manufactured in 2011. After all, they do have to build the model for deliveries overseas.
    But look at the feature set of the 2012 model, and check if your bike has them.
    Obviously, a bike built in Jan 2011, is NOT going to be the 2012 model.

    Swing by the dealers and have them stamp the service book for the 800k service. Ask when it was done and a copy of the invoice at the time for your records.

    AND ring the insurers and MAKE SURE their records are corrected. There is a big difference between the two bikes. If you stack it, the assessor will be expecting to see a different bike. Since it doesn't match, there WILL be problems and a hold up.

    Dealers, especially small ones are notoriously useless with paperwork.

    Get it all sorted now.

    And non of that crap makes your bike and better or worse. It's still atop bike. :)
  4. Even if I say it myself, I'm not too bad at admin and paperwork. That is, until I'm buying a car or a bike and then I sort of go to administrative water! Must be something psychological and I have to steel myself these days to make a check list to take with me when I'm buying a vehicle. And I'm not shy now about writing the things on a contract that specifies what I want.
    But on a less boring note, you've got a great bike there with just a few fixable paperwork glitches which can be sorted with a bit of running around and phoning. Enjoy!
  5. My first bike I bought new from Honda (Team Moto) and it was a smooth sale. No having to redo paperwork and everything was right the first time. Huge contrast to just across the road...

    I'll be chasing up the service. I might just call the service department tomorrow and see if they'll confirm over the phone it's done. Then when I'm next down there I'll get the book stamped.

    I'm not too fussed about the random stuff in the paperwork. It's all pretty minor and the VIN numbers are correct at least.

    Will call the insurance company and have the details corrected. No point getting the dealer to try and fix that. Just annoying that I have to at all.

    Raven, the bike is definitely a MY12 model No dramas there. It was manufactured in 10/2011 and has all the MY12 changes (all 2 of them lol). As I said - the bike (other than dubious service records) is tops! Happy with the bike I ended up with. Perfect condition and looks great.

    I'll try to get a phone number for someone in charge at the dealership. But when I was there there didn't seem to be a head dude they spoke too.

    I didn't read all the paper as it was done. Which obviously would be best to do. I just made sure the ones I was signing with $ values on them was correct before I signed them.
  6. These things happens all the time and not just at small dealerships.
    The worse thing about the manufactured year vs MY year, is that NSW rego and insurance will go off the manufactured year. I don't know if this is a fault in the whole administration or if dealers are just using it to rip people off.

    in the end, if you are happy with the bike, don't worry about the little things.
  7. May not be the dealers fault!

    The reg authorities regularly change the registration criteria.
    Here in beigetoria, the compliance plate date MUST be used as the date of the bike, but previously, it has been the manufacture date, the date of first registration, and the model year in various decrees from the authority.

    It changes whenever it suits the authorities.
  8. Sent them an email this morning and got a reply back in a few hours.

    Were more than happy to stamp the book. Also tried to find some of the stand pickups which fit and couldn't so they order them in. Also putting through the paper work to fix the rego issue.

    While these guys have made quite a few mistakes, they've been quick and friendly in rectifying them. So I am more than happy with the outcome :)
  9. Ok, so who were they?
  10. New models are released in August (or thereabouts) of the previous year, So a 2012 model bike can be built anytime from July of 2011. Still means its a 2012 model, just has a 2011 production date.
  11. Give them a chance to correct the mistakes. Ask to see the dealer principal and explain you issues just as you have here. What they do next will define whether or not they will get your future business.
  12. I'm a vehicle broker by trade so i will try answer as i see it.
    Let me ask the question. Did you beat him up over the price or did you just pay what was advertised? If i have learnt anything in this trade its that if your sensible about the price and don't hit them up over and over for a discount if you have issues they are more likely to help. Everybody is entitled to a discount but some people push it til there is no profit left. Then when you go back with an issue they wont want to know you.
  13. As per my earlier post - situation is now resolved. They fixed the issues with the rego and service bobbins.

    I certainly didn't beat him over the head on price. I think I paid on the high end of what you could be expected to pay for the bike.
  14. Well sounds like it all worked out. Its one thing i have learnt. When you spend a lot of money on an item its better to spend a that little bit more to insure you get good return service in case there is ever an issue.
  15. And a lot of dealerships are starting to be owned by big groups.
    So you can be telling them to get stuffed in one of their shops and paying them in another.
    Or taking your reputation with you