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Dealer Bike More Than 18 Months Old

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Lazy Libran, Aug 6, 2015.

  1. Hello All,

    Been tentatively checking out some bikes and came across a 2013 model bike (brand new with 0 kms) which has about 3K dollars off as being old stock.

    The price looks good and comes with the standard 2 year warranty but if it has been sitting on the floors for such a long time - Would it still be in good condition? It's new but would it still be OK?

    As a buyer, what should I be looking for? And if I do make an offer, what should I ask them to check?

    Thanks fellas!
  2. It'll be fine with a new or freshly charged battery and new fluids.
  3. I'm no expert, but rubber does begin to perish, even without use. That goes for hoses and also tyres.

    My question would be:
    Why is this particular bike still there, after all this time?
  4. Silly question but would they be able to do re-charge it or should I be doing it when I get it home.

    Oil change makes sense...
  5. I'd try to negotiate a fresh battery as part of the deal, along with a fluids change/service.
    When I bought my current bike it was 18 months old but had only done a few 100 Kms and had sat on the dealers floor for a few months - I got a new battery and service thrown in as part of the deal.
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  6. What bike LL?
  7. YAMAHA FZ8N & 1N.

    Eyeing both.

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  8. I bought mine when it was 18 months old, with zero k's. The dealer had bought about 20 of the old run out model when the new one came out. By the time I got mine they were down by about 30 per cent of original list price.

    I got it as is, but made sure I got the oil changed at 500 kms (my ride home). Tyres were fine, but I did go through them fairly fast. Everything else has been OK so far, 37000 kms on.
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  9. As it's been said, the rubber seals are one of the first to go. Picking up a bike that was on the show room floor for that long might give you some troubles down the line, such as the impeller shaft seal leaking.

    But since it's under warranty just take it back and get it fixed if any problems do arise.
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  10. Check all the rubber materials is correct, especially all related to safety and machine.
    Change them with a fresh one is better.
    Check on the tyre manufacture date.
    If more than 2 years, then consider changing the old tyres. It would still serve you, but rubber tends to give less grip than the new one.
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  11. I'd say the MT-09 robbed all the FZ8/FZ1N sales, which is why it's still sitting there. Bargain hard!
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  12. I wouldn't be too concerned. Rubbers tend to become brittle and dry out through heat cycling and use, not from just sitting around. Plus, it would have had limited UV exposure. I'd either get them to service it or provide a free 500/1000k service, battery may not even have acid in it if it hasn't gone through pre-delivery.
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  13. Another thing to consider is that the bike may not even have all fluids in it, some dealers don't do that until they're about to be sold (or after sale).
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  14. Yep, new fluids, free service and a new battery, go for it

    FZ1 FTW
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  15. new battery and fluids and get into it
  16. :p A lot depends on $$$$

    Let's see. Will keep you posted.

    Might see you on Saturday.
  17. Get the FZ1N
    The FZ8N is the same donk, just sleaved down and muted.
  18. My FZ1 had been sitting in the dealership for at least a year when I bought it. 0km and I doubt it had fluids and a better in it when I first saw it on the floor. I'd ridden one elsewhere so I was shopping for a specific bike and in a colour that wasn't current. Absolutely zero issues with the bike.

    It is also quite likely that the bike was still in its crate, possibly even at the Yamaha warehouse for a large part of that time and may have been assembled and displayed only recently.

    When I bought my FZ I had previously been looking at FZ8s and other 800cc-ish bikes. I was told a couple of times that with the release of the FZ-09 (MT-09) in the US the yanks could no longer by the FZ8 and a lot of the unsold US stock was brought to Australia. I wouldn't be surprised if any "new" stock is from that batch.

    The FZ8 is a very comfy bike to ride and plenty capable around town but the FZ1 will put a bigger smile on your dial. I found the slightly narrower tank on the FZ8 made it a bit more comfortable as it didn't push your thoughts as far apart.

    The FZ1, as the more desirable version, should also retain a better resale value if/when you ever sell it.
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