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Dealer and Manufacturer responsibilities

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by watertrade, Oct 31, 2006.

  1. HI Guys,
    I'm hoping to get some advice from some more experienced riders than myself ( which isn’t hard) I have had a few problems with a bike I purchased and have had real problems with both the dealer and the manufacturer. I will keep the whole saga brief and leave out the Dealers name and Brand of bike just to keep things fair… For the time being…

    I have had my license since February 2006 – I purchased a brand new 2006 bike in February from a local dealer.
    I had the bike for about 2/3 weeks (500km) when a noise started to appear in the engine mainly when I was slowing down and idling - something like a random/intermittent tapping.

    I took it to dealer who recommended I wait until the first 1000km service.
    I waited until the service, asked them to fix it – it came back with the same noise. They said it wasn’t going to do any damage and that I shouldn’t worry.

    I tried to forget about it and rode on for about another 1000Km. I took it back – they sent me away again and explained that it could be a few things and that it might go away as the bike wears in.

    I went to see another dealer of the same bike who pretty much agreed with me that the noise shouldn’t be there and that they could have a look but it would cost me.

    I take it back to the dealer who reluctantly had another look at it and with consultation with the manufacturer replaced the cams – as there has been issue with this particular bike and cam end float.

    I got the bike back. 20km later the noise is back. I call the dealer and they tell me they have done everything they can do… they have done what the manufacturer asked then too.. They can’t do anything else.

    I take it to another local mechanic for its 6000Km service he hears me pull into the drive way and meets me at the door with a smile “ ahhh…the noisey XXX “ he does the service and recommends I go straight back to the dealer and demand they fix it once and for all.

    As I wasn’t getting any joy with the dealer I call the manufacturer and explain the situation. The first guy I get explains that they can’t be responsible for every bike of theirs and that not all noises can be explained. So pretty much get used to it.” It isn’t cost effective to fix every noise…”

    I call back another week later and get another guy who books me into the dealer for more explorative work. On this particular occasion this new guy was very helpful.

    I take it into the dealer who has the bike for three weeks. They replaced the cam chain tensioner. I rode it away yesterday and the noise was back after about 40 km.

    Now…. I will be back at the dealers tomorrow to the noise again. I’m expecting to get the usual response. And I expect that the manufacturer will probably try and get rid of me too.

    At what stage do I accept I’ve bought a lemon and sell it at a much reduced price because no one wants to buy a 2nd hand bike with a mystery noise?

    I would really appreciate any advice on this I’m pretty much ready to roll this thing off a bridge and collect the insurance.


  2. I would suggest putting all of your complaints in writing and sending this to both the dealer and the company who makes the bike, I would also suggest you send a compy of the letter to your consumer affairs dept in your state.

    Also it would help if you did name the companies involved so people/members may be able to suggest other avenues for you to take.
  3. Did the mechanic who seemed to know about it give you an explanation as to what it was?

    Motorcycles make noise - you need to know/prove that it is due to a fault with the bike.
    Preferably in writing from the manufacturer themselves or a reputable or authorative source.

    As it's a brand new bike, if it IS a problem I would be asking for it to be either fixed, or for the bike to be replaced with another one as the original one is faulty and the dealer is unable to fix it.

    If they admit something's wrong - then they have to fix it or replace it [or should rather].
    If they want to tell you that there's nothing wrong with it, and you know otherwise then tell them "Great, then you'll have no problems taking it back to sell to someone else with either a full refund / partial [most] refund / exchange of bike.

    If you don't mind - what is the make and model? [not interested in dealer's name... yet :)]

    Make and model might help if people on here have purchased the same bike and may know what you're talking about.
  4. There are three possibities here.

    *There is something wrong with your bike and the dealer can't fix it.

    *There is something wrong with your bike and the dealer won't fix it.

    *There is nothing wrong.

    If you tell us what bike it is, you can then ask if anyone else has had the same bike. Follow that question with the following;

    *Did your bikes make that noise?

    *What was causing the noise?

    *Can it be fixed?

    If you know what's wrong and how to fix it, you'll be a thousand times more able to demand the dealer do something. :)
  5. Thanks Guys,

    Mkey, I was thinking the next step was to get everything in writing and get the big guys involved (consumer affairs). I though this time it was going to be ok! ! :eek:

    Ktulu, the mechanic who knew about the noise only knew about it because I had told him over the phone ... he Did however hear me coming! Its a 2006 naked Suzuki gs500.
  6. Watertrade, regardless of who you bought that bike off you can get it repaired under warranty at any authorised dealer. There is no compulsion for you to get it serviced or repaired where you bought it.

    In fact, the Trade Practices Act is very clear on this matter.

    I'd write to Consumer Affairs and send copies of the letter to both the dealer (and perhaps to the one who said that he'd charge you for warranty work) and the distributor.

    Or, you can just lodge a complaint with CA. That way you don't give Suzuki any warning. It's had more than ample time and opportunity to address the problem.

    Good luck.
  7. Ask about the noise here.

    As I said, if you know what you're dealing with, it'll be easier to solve. If it helps though, I've never heard of those type of dramas with the GS500. :)
  8. Out of intrest, is it happening when its idling at a stand still or is your definition of idling off the throttle while lets say rolling up to some traffic lights.
  9. Peleus, its pretty much the whole time the bike is running, but most obvious when the bike isn't under load. coming up to the lights - waiting at the lights its a 'loose' tapping

    tap.tap.tap.tap.tap.....tap.....tap.....tap.....tap.tap.tap.tap -

    very random and changeing in pace. probably 2 or 3 times a second

    under load its very regular with engine speed. but if you weren't listening for it ( like me every second !!) it could be lost in engine noise...

    a metalic tap...

    night guys , thanks for the help, I will update tomorrow after my visit to the dealer :mad:

  10. has the camchain itself been replaced? what about the camchain runners/guides? have they been checked?
  11. If I were you, before going any further I would seek out other bikes like yours and their owners.
    If this is your first bike, you may not realise how much noisier than a car they can be. Every little noise can be heard as there is no sheetmetal and insulation absorbing/deflecting sound.
    I am not saying you don't have a problem, just that you may merely be hearing normal valve train or cam chain noise. Remember it IS a new engine as well, and will take some time to settle in.
    By the way, don't ever buy a GTR if you hate engine noises!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Ok, I took it into the dealer again and I am booked in for another look. It’s a real obvious noise. More than just an engine noise - everyone who has heard it knows it shouldn't be there.

    To the best of my knowledge the camchain and runners haven’t been replaced.

    I'm pretty happy with how things went today. At least everyone involved recognises that there is a problem.

    Thank you to everyone for the advice. I feel much better about my situation. I basically won't give up until its fixed, Just hope it doesn’t take three weeks again. !