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Deafwish's Hornet pics

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by deafwish, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Well, having 2 weeks off work, made me do some time consuming things to my Hooner 600! :cool:
    Hope you like my efforts!




    Daz. :wink:

  2. Hey Daz.

    Bike looks great.
  3. nice... carbon and blue...
  4. Very nice, both the bike and the photography.
  5. Yummy candy blue!
    I should wax my Hornet. I've got roughcactus' old silver Hornet any recommendation for type of wax? have some turtle wax for my car will probably do.
    how did you get that shiny bit on the CF cans? I likes.

    you should join my hornet site (under construction) see below. ???
  6. You rotten swine, you cleaned your headers; now we'll ALL have to do our's!!! :p
  7. Paul.
    I haven't touched the headers!
    Compare mine to Tash's and you'll see the difference!
    I really can't be arsed with the headers anymore!

    I'm trying to organise the photoshoot again!
  8. terrific, sorry about the header comment, but compared to mine, your's look great.

    Of course, compared to Tash's, EVERYONES' look shabby!
  9. You dont happen to have the orginal stock can from that bike you wanna sell me do you?
  10. LOL - thanks mate, I put in 8 hours of scrubbing to get em that clean!
    Just desperately waiting for a sunny day & a dry backyard so I can take some better pics!

    daefwish - looks awesome mate, love the "hornet" on the can!!!!
  11. Nice bike and colour too.
  12. Thanks for the kind comments, people! :wink:
    im.on.it. What's this website you're talking about? :?
  13. question - did you polish the rims yourself or pay someone else to do em?
  14. Did it all by my clever self! :cool:
    Not a drop of polish was used, just paint stripper and masking tape!
    Looks pretty good, eh?!
  15. I dont usually like nakeds, but thats a sweet looking bike.

    Everything is nice and subtle, doesnt look like youve tried to modify it, just looks right. Very nice.
  16. well it's still in early stages at the moment, only as far as a few sketches and ideas still in my head.

    Paul mentioned this would tie in with your photo shoot (I thought it was already done and gone). Basically I want to put up a little online gallery of pix of riders and their Hornets. Kinda like a Hornet's personal site. I saw some pix on a japanese site where there was up to 15 - 20 Hornets going for a ride.

    I'll post up a topic once I have some architecure for the site.
  17. Hiya,

    I'm new to this site so can't PM yet ... but if you are looking for bike input into a Hornet site of sorts ... count me in.

  18. That's like my bible, Tony! :LOL: :wink: