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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by squidman, Jul 20, 2011.

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  2. He's right up there with Tom Cruise as one of the world's leading wankers.
  3. I'm a fan of his music...but I do agree with Lilley can be a tad bit of a wanker.
  4. So he's gay too then?
  5. david guettas a wanker, deadmau5 is a god
  6. I'm not into shit music
  7. Don't know the guy but some of his music is good...prefer Hardstyle DJs such as Isaac and Zany.
  8. If by god you mean a dumbass that gets himself punched in the face, you'd be right. He's just another wannabe 'superstar" douche dj with a mouth that writes cheques his body cant cash.

    I hope the next person that lands one on him gets it on camera.
  9. I second that.

    Problem is a lot of douchebags love him as well, I saw him at the metro about 2 years ago. Phenomonal show but ruined by too many dickheads with southern cross tattoos taking off their shirt.
  10. His a DJ not a singer lol
  11. Pretty sure that's what Lilley said above.....

    ...and I can't believe that someone believes a DJ is "a god" .....

    Get yourself over to the "helmet hair" thread immediately after you hand in your man card

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    Yeah he's alright. Decent music. Don't really care about his personality.

    I'm more of a tech/mnml person though. So yeh =]