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Deadman walking,

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by deadman, Jan 18, 2011.

  1. Well we rolled out Two up 9-00 AM Saturday morning, Loaded to the hilt.
    Yarra Juntion, Noojee, Icy Creek road, covered in slimy crap, bark branches, etc,
    Stopped in Yallourn Nth for Brunch,
    Feed Me, Feed me, Says Heather, Then on to Maffra, Heyfield, Briagolong, Stockdale,
    Lovely uninhabitaded back roads, The Bird blows all the cobwebs out, Stretches her legs and is purring like the Bird it is, Lindenow, Bairnesdale, Stop for fuel and more eats, Where do you put it girl,

    Then Bruthen, then through the twisties up to Omeo, Took some great shots on the Way, river on the side of the road, Then Omeo to Anglers Rest,
    What a road,
    Not for the squeamish, Pretty much Tight twisties all the way, Big drop off on one side, Riding into the sun, Heathers lost her nerve, some what,

    The 250 Hyosung cruiser has given her a Totally different perspective on speed, Hahahaha

    I slow down for her, She is not interested in the river views I am pointing out to her as we are zipping round corners, I cant look down there, its frightening, She says,
    She cant understand that I can look at the views and ride at the same time,

    2 or 300 feet down, the river looks tremendous, Flowing through the rocks trees and pools, Getting a good video with the camera mounted on the bars, Roll into The Blue Duck Inn for tea, Then back about 2 Kays, Nice park on the river, Lovely setting, set up the tent, have a few drinks and off to bed,

    Day 2,
    Anglers rest to the turn off to Falls Creek,
    More marvellous twisties, still with the big drop off beside the road,
    I really would not like to run off that road, Straight down, You would hit the bottom with out hitting the edge.

    Then we turn off to Falls, Tight left hander and upwards at the same time, Start climbing steeply, We stop for piccys and look down at the river, magic through the trees, Then the tar turns to white road, Hard to see gravel on it, But I can hear it hitting the radiator, slow down quick,

    Its a very good road, short sweepers, sort off, But tight bends after straights, with a bit o fine gravel, Just take it easy,
    The Bird does not like gravel,
    The veiws though the trees are grouse,
    Start to freeze going across the flats to Falls, I only have a shirt on,

    Odd way of making a road, You look ahead to see the road going straight, then it changes direction before it gets to where your looking, couple of bends, Whoops, careful there son, Hahahahaha
    Trap for beginners, hahahaha.
    Roll into Falls Creek, Ride around in circles, getting a good video,
    Feed me Feed me, Again, Get a drink and a chewy bar, she stops grumbling,

    Then down to Mt Beauty, stop for din dins and a coffee, Ran out of card for the camera, No one sells them, Its Sunday, Its a tourist area, and you cant get cards for your camera, DUHHHH,
    Over Tawonga Gap to Bright, Find a Card for the camera in a fishing and camping store, He kept getting asked for them, so now he stocks a few,

    Met Steve and Eve and a few others from Sydney on their way to Tassie in the servo, what a chance meet up, Will have my licence back for the Tintaldra run in Oct when we will meet up again, They were on their way to Mt Hotham and were staying over night at the Blue Duck at Anglers rest via Omeo,

    will we go home via Whitfield, Heather says its your ride, I am happy with what ever you do,
    Long time till I ride again,
    Mt Hotham is boring, Ive been over that road too many times,
    So back over Tawonga gap and back up to falls Creek, Filming all the way,
    Such a beautifull ride up that road,

    Roll through Falls Creek and across the flats, Damn its cold, get through the flats and it warms up again, Still riding in only a long sleeved shirt, Heathers got enough attgatt for ten men, shes been sweating like a pig all day, Hahahahahaha
    Even with the liners out,

    She starting to feel the strain of hard riding, Her bodys not young any more,
    So we have to stop quite often to let her walk around and then she is right to go again,

    Roll down the mountain to the turn off back to Anglers rest, Most of it is on video,
    So I can look at it and drool while I am not riding,

    Totally enjoying myself cruising through the twisties and looking at the excellent views of the river beside the road, down in the valley, go through Anglers rest a few mile and guess what, theres the group from Sydney heading for Anglers rest,

    We press on to Omeo for another Feed, Heathers got the munchies again, She has pancakes with Pecans as they had run out of Walnuts.
    I had a prawn cutlet pizza, but they had run out of prawns, so I had to have half the lot and half prawns, hahahahaha

    At Omeo, I pulled the pack apart and we loaded up with the necessary cold gear,
    Now we are serious, I have my leather jacket on and gloves, Heathers got her liners back in,

    The pack looks like it leaning back a lot more than usual, After investigation, The bike frame has broken on one side, Well its been there for about 45000 kays and its carried a lot of weight in that time,
    Hope fully it will get us home,

    Then on towards Bruthen, By now it was dark and we came from Ensay through the twisties in the dark, A wallaby ran up the shear wall in front of us,

    We had to stop a few times for the mandatory walk around for Heather,
    Get to Bairnesdale with no problems, Fuel up and Have a coffee at Macca's,
    As its 9-30 PM I decide to slab it home, Very light rain, like a drizzle, not enough to stop for, So I proceed on, Get to Rosedale and ride through, Buckets down, I do a U turn and back to Rosedale to get under a verandah in the closed servo, I have a very wet and cold crotch by this time and not happy about it,

    Undo the pack again and break out the wet gear, Get it on and pack up again,
    Its stopped bloody raining by this time, and didnt rain again all the way home,
    I hate that, I am drowned under neath the wet gear and its not raining,

    I have not seen a cop all weekend, I would like to open the Bird up and get home in a real hurry, But, No, I will stick to the limit,

    Not much traffic on the way home, Stop for a smoke a few times and the customary walk around for guess who, Hahahaha
    I have decided not to take Heather on an Iron Butt Ride,
    We turn off at Berwick and come through the Hills, Belgrave and Monbulk and arrive back in Lilydale at 3-30 Am Monday morning,

    1130 Klms all up in two days, Was a blast and We loved every minute of it,
    Excellent weather, 28 +C Both days, Rained for 10 minutes on the way home, Just enough to get me wet and piss me right off, But thats life,

    Now I have to sit on my bum for 8 months and watch as Heather rides her Hyosung cruiser out and I cant,

    Not happy Jan,

    PS; My Magnificent Blackbird is now in mothballs, CRY, CRY, CRY, BOO, HOO, HOO.
  2. Good story. And it's good to finally get some first hand info on the new Angler's Rest to Falls Creek road. Still a bit gravelly, by the sound of it...

    So, exactly what is it that you did to incur this forced walk?
  3. So will Heather be off restrictions by the time you get to ride again, slip her onto the Bird and you can be her Biatch
  4. sounds like a great couple of days riding, something to savour while you can't
  5. Lol what a perfect topic heading :) good thinking
  6. Great writeup Brian and enjoyed reading that. I was tempted to tag along but maybe next time after you've stopped walking. Ended up riding the same distance to different parts of the state. Squeezed all the possible tread out of the metzeler m5 until there was no more of it. The road surface change going up Hotham sure is interesting as well as the few bits of unsigned sections of gravel road near the summit on your way down.
    Is the river you're talking about Tambo that runs parellel to the GAR? if so I was initially distracted by it's sheer beauty/might as well riding thru there 2 weeks ago and was having a good look on the straight bits between bends.
  7. Yeah, cracked me up when I read it. :D:D
  8. That would be the Mitta Mitta River (known as Big River in some sections).

    Here's something interesting: OP has gone through up The Bogong High Plains Road fairly early in the day (and back again). By the time we were going up (11am?) there was a HUGE tree down across the road completely blocking it.
    Somewhere around Bundara area.

    Lucky for us a ranger turned up with a chainsaw soon afterwards (still took about an hour to make a gap big enough for us). All the riders present were helping him shift lumps of wood and rubble while various 4WD wankers sat on their arses watching us sweat in our leathers. Good on ya fellas.

    Some time that morning someone made enough noise up there to bring that big fella down. Not that I'm looking at anyone...
  9. Have ridden thru there too I believe as we rode thru Lake Hume around Tallangatta in so many different ways that the landscape and nature around there is awe inspiring.

    The fwd wankers are good at sitting on their asses watching others sweat especially a rider donnes in gear sweating, where's the courtesy gone to? Country folk are normally helpful so they were probably city slickers hitting the bush.
  10. That road from Omeo thru Anglers Rest to the Falls turnoff is one of Victoria's best roads.....
    Absolutely fantastic...

    I'd like to continue on thru to Mitta Mitta soon which although contains a gravel section, should be also be quite good.
    Hopefully they'll seal it one day and give those who stay away from gravel another awsome loop to ride....
  11. We met a rider on a VFR who came down that gravel section (netrider, too. Sorry I didn't get your name mate). He said most of it was quite do-able on a road bike. Probably not ideal in the wet, though.
  12. Did Omeo to Mitta Mitta two weeks ago,
    Currently 35 kays of absolute crap gravel, has gibbers on it, Be good on a chook chaser,
    The Barman at Anglers rest said it was gong to be made within the next 12 months,
    Then it will be a grouse ride.
  13. Accumulated points. My wrist wrist has a tendency to drop down when on the Bird. Hahahahaha
  14. I will have my licence back before then,
    The Bird is way to heavy for her,
    We had thought about it tho.
  15. Two up on the hyo??
  16. Tambo beside the GAR, Stunning, views,

    Anglers Rest is the Bundambra and further up is the Cobungra rivers, Near the Falls turn off, Stunning views and magic scenery, Or visa versa,
    Big River and the Mitta Mitta are also in there,
  17. I heard you go past, we were still getting ready to leave,
    On Holidays, so no hurry,
    4 or 5 of you went past,
    That back firing bike was recognizable from last Saturdays ride, We were about 2 kays past Angers Rest on a right hand turn, That had camping signs and a toilet on the side of the road,

    They had that Tree almost cleared off the road when we went through.
    Typical 4 WD's, look at me, wont do anything to help.
    City slickers, Duhhh,
    Country people would have all been helping,
  18. We do that occasionally, Fred Flintstone style, I have to run my feet to get it going, Hahahahaha
  19. Good write up Deadman, I can picture it now! (I did go through there a couple of weeks ago)

    If it's the part I'm thinking of at the start of the flat section, we lost a man at exactly this point. Never quite made it to the Blue Duck Inn, (too long waiting for the ambulance), but I hear it's a good feed.
  20. hahah gold. i can see you doing it to, brian :p