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deadman sailing????

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by heathermac, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Hi to everyone who wants an update on deadman's new hobby, obsession ???
    Sailing the seven seas. His new nick name, "ol man of the sea"

    He spent 2 weeks in beautiful Fiji, actually, a small Island off the main land called Musket cove. Aqua seas, gentle breezes, friendly people, few beers in tropical climate and his new toy, a Gemini catamaran, almost 35 ft long, with everything that opens and closes including all the great navigation gear. which he's going to rename "Mr B"

    I somehow feel I may have to put a little pressure on to get the bird out and on the road again.
    He's sooo enjoying his retirement, as well as having a ball on his new cat.
    He says it's a pussy cat as it's not big enough to be called a cat, it is a beautiful boat what ever he likes to call it.

    He left Fiji on the 13th Oct. intending to be at New calodonia 3/4 days later, depending on wind/sea conditions as he wanted to sail not motor it.
    the journey took him almost 8 days , I must mention, this is solo. =D>
    spoke with him over the last 2 days and he's off on his next stretch which is over to the east coast of Oz to bunderberg, where he has to check into quanantine.

    He then heads down to Vic, where the cat is going to be moored for the next 3 mths at Yaringa? near Hastings, while he gets organised to do his trip to the Kimberlies early next year.

    Tho looking forward to going to Tassy in between on the bike/bikes?
    Hi to everyone from both of us.
    Cheers Heather

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  2. Bwahaha nice bikini deadman!
    Good work Heather - you gonna be in trouble now I think!
  3. exactly what i was thinking, looking good there brian!

    looks like a good trip!
  4. half his bloomin' luck, I says ......
  5. Wow!

    Deadman from his bird down to 12-15 knots, who would have thought... :LOL:

    Looks awesome by the way...(y)
  6. Haha, nice work Deadman, man of many talents it seems.
  7. Well done,stay safe and have fun,try and get some pics on the xx forum,cheers bullit.
  8. Hi u guys, thanks for the comments.
    Just off the phone from sailor man, he had a good chuckle from your remarks, and nice to hear from you all, as he's a little isolated out there on the great blue ocean.

    These last two days is the first communication he has had for a week, and he luv's a yak.
    From tomorrow AM, he won't see anyone for approx. 8 days, when he reaches Bunderberg.

    Just as a matter of interest joedelosa, he's been averaging 7 knots during the day, = to 12.964 kph, night time, while he's sleeping with the radar on, 1.5 knots = to 2.778. you probably know these conversions already, but thought I'd put them in as a matter of interest.

    I have asked myself, " is this a lesson in "kickin back a little " ????

    He will surely have piccy's on the xx forum when he gets into Australian waters bullit, he says to tell you.

    Hornet, I have heard a few people say to him "you lucky bu**er" his reply, " NO luck in it, dam hard work to get to this point in life" ( no offence )

    Oh,Ha, NiteKreeper, I could get into a lot more trouble, that's only a couple of shots !!!!

    hey parker, there only 2 of his talents, you should see him rock an roll, rockabilly style.

    enigma, he's not bad for an ol codger, bit grey & bald tho, lol

    Have put another piccy up in case you haven't seen the "pussycat"/Mr B

    Cheers Heather and safe riding to u all.
  9. sorry, floundering around this to get the piccy's up H

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  10. Mate, hard yakka pays dividends in the end, makes all the graft and bullshit worthwhile.
    I envy what your doing and hope you have a safe and enjoyable sail back to Oz.
  11. Nice one buddy, done a few trips on yachts to lord howe and back from coffs harbour, is a nice run too!
  12. Awesome!!!
  13. All the best from Cam