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Deadly Hybrids?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Thera, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. http://www.theage.com.au/national/s...cles-a-hazard-to-the-blind-20090117-7jmg.html

    To be honest the scare the crud out of me aswell. I few times I have looked over my shoulder to find a prius somewhere It wasn't before(at lights).

  2. OMG! was talking about this last year to people!! well talking about hybrids etc and I said that they were dangerous cos a blind person cant hear them... Now it's in the news lol crazy!
  3. Fair enough.
    But i have jumped out of my skin when harley's done up dukes and motards/trails have started up or flown down the street.
    Intresting topic
  4. I dont mind the idea of a hybrid at all. I'm sure it wouldnt take einstein to make something to make a bit of noise to eliminate the silence issue.


    It is the 21st century folks - surely a "quiet car" is not a deal breaker for cleaner technology?
  5. I've driven a few... very weird sitting at lights. You'd swear the car had stalled. :shock:
  6. Bit scary to start thinking like this. They are not truly silent, it's just that everything else is quite load.

    Get truck and bus noise down and hybrids will be less dangerous in this regards.
  7. ....carbon monoxide will kill all living things..not just the blind.
  8. Was having a chat with a Paramedic friend from Tassie about hybrid vehicles a few weeks ago and although she hadn't encountered one in a crash yet was worried about all those batteries under the seats and the fact that you never truly know if the car is actually switched off.

    At least they are all supposed to have little green coloured HYB stickers, similar to the red LPG version, on their number plates so emergency service workers know what they are dealing with.
  9. ibast
    Yeah i totally agree - noise levels in the city are too high for my liking. I especially hate the REALLY squeaky brakes on the old buses and compression braking from our trucker buddies.

    I guess I was just making the point that we shouldn't rubbish a great new technology on the basis that it is dangerously quiet. Not that it would be good to start creating excessive noises in hybrid cars, but it would not be at all difficult to build an audible safety feature into them if the silence issue was turning people off the cleaner technology.

    I'd warrant they have similar concerns about leaking petrol and stray sparks. 6 of one and half a dozen of the other as far as i can see - there are dangers with both petrol and battery vehicle technologies which just have to be accounted for in emergency situations.
  10. Tonight, on Fox... "When Hybrids Attack: Best of the World's Worst Hybrid Car Accidents, Part 2" - You won't believe the catastrophic accidents these silent but deadly cars can create!
  11. Or whether it's produced from a coal-fired power plant or a car.
    So will the toxins from battery production and disposal.
  12. Not to mention motorcycles made by a company with the initials HD.

  13. Solar, wind, wave, tidal current and other creative forms of generating electricity are just around the corner. The only thing stopping them is negativity. eg. threads such as this one.
  14. It's not negative publicity, it's a reasonable debate and it really has nothing to do with this as this car is not charged from the grid.

    The debate with hybrids is whether it's worth save 1.5 l/100km on petrol at the environmental expense of the problems associated with batteries
  15. Years ago, in the UK, I nearly got cleaned up (as a pedestrian) by one of the Post Office's extensive fleet of electric vans.

    My fault. I should have bloody looked rather than assuming no noise=no traffic.

    I don't think a slightly increased risk to a small minority of society (and which risk can be mitigated to a large extent) is reasonable grounds for the rejection of electric or hybrid technology. Especially as a major thrust of vehicle standards regulation has been the reduction of noise from IC vehicles to the extent that, for passenger cars, tyre and transmission noise is now the major source at urban speeds.
  16. As soon as someone comes up with a great idea the whingers and knockers come out with some stupid reason on why it won't work. eg the dangers to the visually impaired.
    Newsflash.....fossil fuels are a thing of the past..get used to the future.
    Please try to embrace new technology and not fear it.
  17. No it isn't.

    None of those technologies work without massive government subsidies to pay for the initial installation and on going costs.

    Solar is being plugged as the latest great thing but having just looked into it to assist in reducing running costs during the expensive time of the day in an industrial set up (with the introduction of so called Smart Meters mains power will cost more in daylight hours than at night) the cost of installing solar is more than the savings to be made especially when you consider the replacement cost of the entire system every 10 years.

    No one has been able to quote an accurate price to replace the batteries on a Toyota Prius but as the first of them are now nearing the end of the battery life (10 years) some 2nd hand owners could be in for a $5000 shock.
  18. .
    A quote from 1905 ...."they'll never replace the horse and buggy."
  19. pvda
    It isn't just the clean technologies that recieve subsidies....



    even our dear friend petrol has benefited from subsidies in the past:


    Subsidies, like low audibility, should not be arguments to trash renewable energies.

    One of the most significant factors slowing the uptake of renewable energy sources is short-sightedness from the government.


    This was a sad day for me - when garret turned his back on solar for the average joe (ie me) and put it in the realms of the fabulously wealthy by pretty much doubling what I had to pay. If it wasnt for this policy back-down, I'd be a solar man.

    My neighbor has a solar array on his roof and is a net producer - ie, his 5-person household puts significantly more into the grid than they take out. And he never pays an electricity bill.
  20. Thank you for sorting us both out, ibast.
    My response was hasty and illogical.

    My real distaste is for the concept of plug-in electric cars. I still don't think hybrids are an ideal solution, though.

    2up, I still think you've been sold a pup. Hybrids still have problems, still use fossil fuels and if the world CAN run on renewables in the future, fine, but it can't do so right now.

    But let's agree to differ on that. The OPs issue was that silent vehicles present something of a risk in use. The question IMHO is, does it matter to motorcyclists? I don't think so because I really can't hear the average modern small car anyway. Maybe the prevalence of new silent cars will lead to peds learning to keep their wits about them???