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Dead Velcro

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Seanus, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Hi all. I've got a pair of year old AlpineStar (SMX) boots and the left one's velco is just about dead. Subsequently it opens up at the most opportune times.
    Anyone got a solution for this?

  2. PM firefling, shes having the same problem. i'm sure between the 2 of you, you can come up with something :LOL:
  3. Would a bootmaker be able to sew some new velcro on?
  4. Try Medal Shoes in Fitzroy.

    They make boots n stuff, and reckon there's a fair chance they'd do repairs too.
  5. Cool, I work in Fitzroy. I'll give em a try.

    Thanks :D
  6. Take it back to whoever sold you the boots and get Alpinestars to repair it. A budding lawyer told me that shoes/boots have a long warranty no matter what the warranty claims. I'm picking them up tomorrow, but I think they've replace and repaired the velcro on them. :D
  7. Well I took MizzZZR's advice and took the boots to Medal Shoes. What a great couple they are! Anyway they are going to not only replace the velcro but are also looking at put two press studs up the top to make sure it doesn't come undone. :twisted:

    Thanks for the info Mizz ZZR. :)
  8. Where exactly are medal boots in fitzroy?? Can you post how much the repairs cost as I have taken my el-cheapo boots to the local repair shop and whilst they did a reasonable job, I would be interested to compare costs...

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  10. Orrite, thanks :roll:
  11. Pick em up tomorrow so I'll let you know how much and good they are.
  12. Well what can I say but MEDAL SHOES ROCK! I got there at lunch time today and picked them up.

    The new velcro on the flaps is better than it ever was. You really have to tug it now to get it to come away.
    PLUS they put two press studs on the boot with one on the flap so that it can be adjustable for use under jeans or over leathers. Awesome!!

    Of course all of this handy work comes at an extreme price.

    $20!!!! I couldn't believe it. :D

    We gotta give these guys a link here. They are sensational.
    Plus really nice people to boot. (no pun intended)

    Thanks again Mizz ZZR. that was the best advice I've had all year. :)
  13. No probs at all Seanus! Glad you got such a great deal.

    I've never actually been there myself, only heard good reports about them though.

    I wanna eventually get there and get them to make me some boots. I've only heard good reports about those too :)
  14. give it 50cc of saline stat

  15. I know its nice to see a short URL and all but stop and think for a second.........

    Did you actually read the URL or did you just click on it???