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Dead horse I beat you!! iPhone users please...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by brownyy, Feb 3, 2012.

  1. I give it 5 posts or so before someone starts slagging out apple (and rightly so), but I'm not interested in that.

    I've got a 3GS which was perfect before I updated the software / iOS thingy to iOS4, then it's always been tits up ever since.

    Well lately it's been worse, I've just done the first computer sync for about 6 months, so maybe that'll sort it out.

    But what I'm asking here is, any 3GS users upgraded to the new iOS5 software / OS? Has it gotten worse or better? Apps crashing? Battery's disappearing?

    Thanks ta

    (smash away at apple once question answered or go ride your bike).
  2. From what I hear, it's a fairly widespread issue - the 3GS's hardware isn't up to the requirements of the latest OS's. I may be wrong though, not an expert with Apple.

    All I really know is my housemate bitching and moaning about his 3G/3GS being slow and poor battery life after upgrades, he got a knockoff battery replacement and the phone refused to boot with it. :p
  3. The only issue I had with iOS 5 on a 3GS was battery usage.

    Mine was getting laggy but that was the same on iOS 4 and a battery replacement solved that...
  4. No issue here on my 3 GS and ios5 just do a hard reset once a month and she runs smooth.

    Tapatalking from somewhere, maybe even behind you so look out!!!
  5. I've found since my updates my battery is absolutely crap but the rest of the phone & functions seem to be working ok.

    Have heard the same from lots of other people too....

    We all reckon that's Apple's way of making us upgrade to the new 4S model.
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    I wouldn't be surprised.. that company sickens me.

    I got ios5 on my 3GS BUT it's tethered to the dock always and used as a iPod. Can't comment on battery but find it to be smooth and runs fast.
  7. Can't comment on the 3GS but I've got the 4 (not the 4s) and so does my missus.

    While my update went perfectly smoothly, hers didn't. She had trouble with apps crashing, phone lagging, missing contacts and apps, not syncing properly, battery draining, etc. after a few days I reverted back and re-upgraded, and the phone started working properly again.

    Not sure if re-updating would fix your problem though, if it's widespread amongst 3GS users.

    I bought a backup battery off eBay for $6 plugs into the charger thing and essentially just recharges the main battery. A pain I know, but we go camping, so it's handy to have.
  8. Aye cheers folks...

    I did a sync tonight as mentioned earlier, and suprise suprise!! All my Apps refused to run!! Granted I have refused to update them for **** knows how long, but not one app would even open longer then 0.5seconds. So after me throwing my phone at the ground it didn't get phone signal for about 15minutes, then it worked, still nae apps.

    I've now hijacked the missus's internet (fast-ish and non-3G) and updated all apps.

    So far they are running smooth and the phone appears to be running a little quicker then usual, but I'll wait and see a little longer.

    Might try and hold out on this upgrade if possiable...

    Told ya, 5th post... ;)

  9. It's a common bug, installing another app normally fixes it.

    I've never had it, the missus has twice...
  10. missus?? There's a missus?? Since when?! You sly dog!
  11. I normally just turn it off and back on if 3gs starts lagging and its back to normal. As Smee says a Reset every now and then can do wonders for the iPhone!!

    No issues with iOS5 with my 3gs anyways!!
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  13. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
  14. Updated all apps, well most, it randomly had a fit updating some, got 30 done, 10 remaining, seems to work well now.

    I've always suspected modern electronics to have "time bombs" programmed in their software. I.e; once it reaches a certain age, it starts deliberatly changing code or procedures to appear that its fukn up. Because in reality, the electronic hardware, unless damaged servierly should be 100% operation since day one, and good code shouldn't **** up. But low and behold; phones die over time... WHY?!?!?!??!!!!!!!! There's no honest reason!!!

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  15. Am I missing something or are you thinking of someone else?

    There's been a Mrs Stigger for quite some time...
  16. Not for brownyy though
  17. ... Its called planned obsolecence.. You MUST buy a new phone :p
  18. I'm not interested in Apple vs Anyone, but I must say that the Android forums are FULL of people who upgrade/root/customise their phones and spend the rest of the time regretting it.

    My Android phone checks out for upgrades itself when I connect it to its software, and it has always worked, but I still hold my breath when it says 'Do you want to proceed?

    Best of luck with it anyway....

    {Unrelated to phones, I'm finding in my schools, a piece of software that has always worked is now starting to fail; I'm suspicious that it's time-stamped to require you to upgrade??}
  19. Hornet; can you please link a few forums I can chase up on?? Ta

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  20. AGREED!!! Time bombing code!!

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd