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dead hands and carpal tunnel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jeffatav, Mar 27, 2007.

  1. I now have a second baby to ride around, but she is giving me wrist and dead hand grief!

    When I ride my cruiser, the hand is fine and no problems and now I have bought a traily for the upright riding postion whilst commuting etc.

    Great fun to ride except.....................the right hand (only) is going dead on me and I cannot feel my fingers after a little while.

    I have noticed the grips are smaller diameter and the rubber a little worn (new grips on the way!) and I am not putting any "forward" pressure on the bars and my grip is relaxed on the throttle.

    Has anyone experienced simliar problems and how did you overcome them??

    Thanks in advance,

  2. The thumper vibration syndrom?

    You may be holding onto the handlebar more firmly because of the vibration? Try to replace the grips and relax those hands.


    PS: Maybe is age related :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. I've gone the other way and am trading the trailie (XR400) for a cruiser tomorrow (Suzy C50).

    When I started riding the XR to work - 7 months and 6500km ago, I had pain in a number of areas including the wrists/forearms and, ah, the groin area!

    It worked itself out in the end and I reckon that in my case, it was just an unfamiliar position for 40 minutes twice a day. When I rode the dirt, I'd be changing position, stopping, waiting etc but on the blacktop, same position til I stop.

    If it's just come on (ie no existing ailment), you could go for Renthal Fat Bars and thick grips or see if they come good on their own. If no prev ailment, I reckon just unfamilar ergos.
  4. Why am the only one seeing the obvious solution?

    Rip of the vt750's bars and put em on the ttr :LOL: :LOL:
  5. No, not the same situation. He still have the cruiser, the trailie is just another new toy to add to the equation

  6. Yeah I know but I'm ditching the commuter trailie to commute on a cruiser so similar situation if not the same.
  7. I get this on the Spada, although that's a more forward-leaning position and I do put some weight on my hand. No real cure for it that I've found but to find a downhill where you can coast and just do some clench/stretches. It usually only takes 2-3 to sort it, for me at least.
  8. at gym they gave me an exercise with a rope with a weight on the end wrapped around a broomstick that I hold in a riding position and unwind and wind the weight down and up.
  9. As bike is different, could be just getting used to the riding position.

    Has the bike got BarkBusters on it? By adding the weight of these and filling in the end of the bars with the weight of the bolts they should reduce vibes along with thicker grips. I had foam grips on the KLR - no issues with vibes through the hands.
  10. Send a PM to Crusingal, she has a nifty thingy that clips on to the throttle grip and you sort of rest the base of your thumb on it, she swears it helps, shes bringing one on the alpine ride for me as i've been having probs due to old injury (broke 3 bones in my hand years ago) that causes me dead hand
  11. lol, nifty thingy = throttle rocker :wink:

  12. Go to bed you!
  13. I've got a hrottle rocker kickin' arond the garage somewhere, so I'll give that a go.

    Why do I need other peolple to point out obvious things

  14. Could be lots of things but vibration and a radically different riding position is the most likely. I'm betting you're going to get used to it in a week or two; the human body is very 'teachable'.
  15. :LOL: at Woodys

    Yeah Jeff, there is a thread or two in here somewhere about the hands. I'll have a look and then put the link in.

    Mine is nerve and tendon damage but presents the same (or very similar) to CTS which is why I had to switch from the sports to the upright positioning. :cry:

    I absolutely swear by the throttle rocker. It took me a day or two or riding before I got used to the different throttle technique, but I would never ride without it now. :grin:
  16. Just put oversized grips on it, and make sure they're well cushioned. Don't go doing hand exercises, it'll only make things worse.
  17. I have tendoniitis in both arms to the fingertips - vibrations really wreak havoc on it as does lots of clutch control in cbd traffic. I suspect that the cruiser is better for me as I am not putting any weight on my hands.

    Dead hands would suck - fast asleep genitals is a whole nother problem :LOL:
  18. I find that my right hand goes slightly tingley if i hold on too tight. happens more often on the XT than the SRX (which has a sportier riding position) because i sometimes hang on to the bars more (more upright means i get thrown back more under acceleration / wind buffetting). my solution is to grip more with the knees so i'm not using my arms as support.

  19. put new grips (not very cushioned) and my throttle rocker on last night and no more dead hands!! :dance:

    I will keep looking for some thicker cushioned grips as well.

    thanks all