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Dead grips....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by dastrix, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. I think my grips are dead, well im not sure but the throttle one spins and twists.. is it meant to do that? By that I mean, spins on the bar...

    Is it easy to replace them, can I do it myself and what grips do I get???

    First bike, its a F2 CBR 600

  2. im not too sure how hard it is but you can buy handles at most bike shops. just ask the guy which ones you need, he might even tell you how to put em on
  3. You just need to re-glue it onto the bar. Make sure the throttle still
    turns smoothly afterwards.
  4. Ill head into the store and check em out ;)
  5. Get whatever grips you like, it's a 5 minute job to replace them. You can use some hair spray on the inside of the grip, this will let them slip on easily & also hold them in place when the hair spray dries.

  6. you can also squirt boiling water under the grip as well, will act as a lubricant
    clear paint can be used as a lubricant for re-attaching new grips, then wait for it to dry and if its not grippy enough, can apply a new adhesive
    used to do this on my BMXs
  7. And if my grip is twisting on the bar on the throttle end, then thats bad right?
  8. yea if you get ur throttle stuck on and cant close it
  9. Naa it closes fine.. its just the rubber grip twists on the bar when the throttle is closed..
  10. grips are all the same diameter but check the length they can vary a bit as i learnt recently (like 15mm shorter than the old ones)

    to fit them (if there a harder compound grip or tight to get on) drop them in boiling water for 30sec to a minute (this will soften them up if their hard grips and make them expand if their tight on the bars) right before putting them on and use a spray can adhesive (i like the idea of clear paint as someone said before nice cheap option)

    good if you can let them sit overnight to dry but you can get away with an hour or so
  11. Just lockwire the sucker on.