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Dead Flower Thread

Discussion in 'Non-Bikes' started by Mr Owl PhD, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. Let your photos of dead flowers live forever in the 'Dead Flowers Thread'.

    I'll kick it off with this Strezlitzia...


    Attached Files:

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  2. I'd say thats beyond just a decent watering (y)(y)
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  3. WTF?
    oh I see your in Brisbane
    or maybe its because your a philosopher
    I think im wrong
    its because you ride a gs 500 isn't it
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  4. Freaky picture looks mad
  5. Sheet have you managed to kill agapanthus?? Impressed.
    At least you can't kill lavender! :whistle:
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  6. MouthMouth Maybe you should try to get some sponsorship form the "Round up" Chemical Company.
    I'm sure you could get the Logo to fit between the "Strezlitzia" and the "Agapanthus" :wtf:
  7. Excuse me while I go out to the front yard and get photos.
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  8. 2015-11-30 13.09.43. Was looking for something on the side of the road in nowheresville and thought of this thread, Thistle?
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  9. [​IMG]

    pretty sure no amount of water will bring this back to life. :)
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  10. Bread? :p:p(y)(y)
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  11. it's flour, and it's dead ;-)
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  12. With any photography the front yard is the best place to start.

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  13. 10109452674_49052dca27_o.
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  14. Especially if you own a bike cause your not going to want to spend much time in it
  15. You buggers !
    I spent my day looking for dead plants to photograph.
    Found this one with amazing seed pods. Don't know what it is but the words noxious weed comes to mind first and foremost but great colours and textures.
    Great non-bike thread Mr Owl PhDMr Owl PhD :)
    image. image. image. image.
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  16. My recently-neglected garden:


    Judicious application of Roundup as part of the reclamation process ensures there'll be plenty more to follow.
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  17. Poor gardenia :( I love the smell.
    It'll come back if you trim the dead heads...a bit like a zombie?
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