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dead battery

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Zulu, Jun 21, 2007.

  1. I picked up my brand spanking new GSX-r750 last week but couldn't ride it so far. It's been raining for two weeks and I was a bit wary to get out on new tires in this weather. Anyway, two days ago I got on it and fired it up just to hear it rumble (I know, I know...). When I switched it off I must've left it in "EP" something or other, rather than on "Off" or "Lock". Who the hell knew that this leaves the lights on!!!??? It's two bloody millimeters off. I had no idea what "EP" was in the first place. It was during the day so I didn't notice. This morning I get on it, finally, for a ride to work, and the whole thing is DEAD. Brand bloody new battery. What do I do now? The dealer will probably laugh in my face. I'm so angry... with other people. :mad:

  2. You've had a brand new bike for 2 weeks and you have only started it once! Man thats funny and sad at the same time.
    Be mad at your self. Read the manual. Charge the battery and it should recover. You may not get the long life you should have out of it but it will be ok.

    EDIT: Your slackness has nothing to do with the dealer.
  3. It's been raining for two weeks here. New tires and all.
    I have to either take the battery out, bring it to the shop and they will charge it for me or buy some trickle charger and charge it myself (overnight!!!). The dealer strongly adviced against jumpstarting it off a car cause it can fry the computer board. Now everyone tells me what EP is. Before, no one even mentioned it.
  4. Thats cool. You have more restraint than me :LOL:
  5. You could, however, just take the battery out of the bike, put it on a piece of wood or other insulating material (hot battery + cold concrete = Bad) near your car, start the car and connect the bike battery with jumpers for 10 minutes. That should charge it enough to start the bike, and complete the charging on a fun ride. :grin:
  6. Great investment, you can leave it on all the time, and battery stays fully charged with no dmage to the battery. Around $50 from memory
  7. OK. It' s turning into a great adventure. I don't think it was me who drained the battery. I could've left it with the lights on, but eventually someone would've picked it up. Anyway, I charged the battery and bike started (once). However, the red (error) light came on and the screen says FI. Which, the manual says, is a fuel injection fault. Once stopped I could no longer start the bike. The dealer is organising the truck to pick it up as I write it.

    If I wanted problems and the joy of fixing them I would've bought myself a ducati. :evil:
  8. Hey :!: Cheap shot :evil: My Ducati never lets me down :cool: :p

    You didn't connect the car to the bike at any time did you? Maybe put a spike into the electronics? Anyway, I hope it's not an expensive fix. :)
  9. )))) :) The bike is 3 weeks old. I really don't care how much it will cost THEM to fix it.
  10. I'm sure all will be fine, DR's a pretty basic bike - no FI or other computers on board.

    All the best with the repair and let us know what the issue was
  11. GSX-R750

    The DR has been sold :)
  12. Well could be anything on those new fandangled race bikes :oops:
  13. Time to update your garage. :)