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Dead battery? Already? (Fixed)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Hyssy, Jul 10, 2009.

  1. So last night when I finished work, geared up, hopped on bike...

    *Half crank*
    *Clickickickickick* (From under the seat)




    Bike had to be jump started, which to its merit it did first time.

    My question is why is it draining so quickly in a year and 6 months? Seems a bit extreme. I do ride every single day, but still, seems a bit extreme.

    Over the past month it had been building up to something, I guess. Every so often the bike would 'reset' when trying to start. It would crank and then the dash would reset, clock reset and trip counters too.

    So, new battery time if it doesn't start up in a minute....

    Gawds why me!?
  2. because, dear Hyssy, it's a Honda, and it has the congenital Honda malaise known as a crook rectifier/regulator

    get your mechanic to replace it with a BETTER ONE, and your battery willl love you for it
  3. Re: Dead battery? Already? (less than 2 years old)

    I was going to suggest you don't ride it enough as this is usually the reason for short battery life.

    What type of battery do you use? Is it a modern "sealed" type or and old wet type?

    The later never last that long.

    After that I'd say you have a minor charging problem. Voltage regulation comes to mind. If the battery is not seeing the right voltage, regularly then it could cause premature battery failure.

    Battery brand?
  4. Being a 2007 bike I would assume a modern type. The roadside assist that jump started it mentioned a gel type. No idea on brand just yet sorry, all I know is it's what came with the Viffer out the showroom.

    It started just now without a problem.

    I'll give a garage a call and see what we can do about the Reg/Rec.
  5. Besides what's been said above, if its a wet put in a little inox (from, say, supercheap) and if its sealed get a battery tender....both extend the life of your battery by years, as long as you have a GOOD battery to begin with.
    Remember, if you buy cheap you get cheap.

    Battery tenders (Battery Fighter etc) always have a lead running from your battery so when you park for the night you hook it up and the fighter/tender keeps it charged to maximum without overcharging. Next morning you unhook it and the battery isn't struggling (or getting damaged) to start your bike - brilliant.
  6. Being a Honda with the spiffy HISS system, there is always a small amount of charge being consumed by this. All the other devices (like clock on the instrument cluster) also adds to this charge being consumed.

    If you don't ride(maintain a high level of charge on the battery) regularly enough, the battery loses it's ability to maintain charge. This is made worse by the Honda reg/rec issues. The final icing on the cake is that cold weather makes it harder for batteries to operate at full potential too. You will find most of the batteries in cars and bikes will die during cold weather (winter), even when in the middle of summer they showed no signs of dying at all.
  7. Re: Dead battery? Already? (less than 2 years old)

    It depends. I've only ever had the wet type. I've had them last up to 5 years despite me being slack with their maintenance. ie. only checking electrolyte levels when I remember to, having the bike sit there for a month or more without charging it up or riding it regularly. That sort of thing.

    As for cold weather discharging, this morning it was around -1 deg. I had to ride the bike to work as the missus needs the car (I'm getting too old for the winter commute, I'm afraid). I haven't started the bike since late May when I last rode it to work.

    I was gonna check it last night but forgot. This morning, put the key in, let the fuel pump run to prime the EFI, then cranked it over. A little sluggish but it started after 2 or 3 rrr,rrr's... (nifty sound effect simulation, huh?)

    As for the OP's problem if it's the rec reg it's a strange one. It was a Blackbird problem but supposedly fixed (I was gonna say "rectified") with the 02 models and onwards. I would have thought that the same applied to the other models in the sports touring range. Maybe not.

    A tyre service which sells batteries will have the gear to test it. It's not uncommon for early failures to occur. But at least if getting it tested it can either rule the battery out as the problem or confirm it. Then the more expensive Rec/Reg Route can be pursued.
  8. Just got off the blower to a garage, they offered to check out the system if I can hop down there before 4 so I'm off now.

    Thanks for the input guys. And for the bike charger, where could I pick one of those up? Super cheap etc? Would they be specific bike models?

    Anyway enough questions, m'orf to the shop...

    Thanks again.
  9. Does your usual route include a lot of bumpy roads?? If the battery byproducts on the internal plates fall off, your battery can never recharge back to full health...
  10. The battery was K-nackered. He checked the charging systems etc and they all checked out OK. So... unless other evidence presents itself, chalking it to a dodgy battery from the dealer I bought it from. There seem to be so many variables that it could be anything I guess.

    The mechanic I went to has given a years warranty on this battery so I think if my reg/rect is going to go that will present itself.

    Anyway, new battery in, problem solved. I'm happy as long as the handle bars don't fall off, knowing my luck.

    Thanks all.
  11. Places like Supercheap, Dick Smith etc sell battery tenders, or fighters (fighters are more common in Aus I believe).

    Read up online about them and pick the one you want, then ring the stores since most don't stock much of a range. Some are waterproof, some aren't. Some are more powerful, have more features etc etc.

    As an example (I think this is the same as mine anyway), here's a link: