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VIC De-tabbing frame is illegal?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by JaddoFett, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Im doing some research before I start work on a Cafe Racer project I want to start.
    I have seen countless cafe bikes with de-tabbed frames and I want to know whether or not it is illegal to de-tab the frame of unnecessary tabs like side cover tabs etc.
    I'd rather ask the question now rather than after taking a grinder to the frame only to find out its not roadworthy... :)


  2. "Cafe racer" and "roadworthy" are two words/phrases that are rarely paired together (in the eyes of ADR at least).
    If you plan to remain compliant, your creativity options will become very limited very quickly...

    Remember where the cafe racer scene comes from...it's got nothin to do with respecting the authority
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  3. Victoria is a bit more forgiving of custom work than NSW so you should be OK. You are not making structural changes to the frame merely cosmetic ones. You may need a VASS certificate which is an engineering certificate to say the mods are safe. This will depend on the level of modification you intend to do.

    Vehicle standards information VSI8 - Guide to modifications for motor vehicles [PDF 280 Kb]
  4. As long as you're careful and neat it should be fine, if you do it properly, nobody will know there was a tab there to begin with (other than people intimately familiar with that model of bike)
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  5. Thanks for that info, much appreciated. :)
    thanks for the vic roads link Chris. Im sure that will come in handy.