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De-stickered sophistication

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dsyfer, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Finally got round to removing fairing stickers. Much more subtle.


  2. Hope you don't plan on selling.
  3. Can i ask why you did this? looks odd.
  4. Nah, I normally ride and drive things until they die or become projects.

    As I'm using it to comute 80kms a day, the less 'LOOK AT ME' attention from the bright red 'R' the better.
  5. So it doesn't look just like every other blue/white GSXR out there. I've never owned anything car/bike that I have left looking exactly as it came out the factory.
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  6. Without the GSX-R sticker, it look like something is missing...
  7. You could put the BMW propeller badge on each side of that bike and fool a lot of people.
  8. I actually like the minimalist look of it, and is that an XM taillight I see in the garage??
  9. 1960 XK wagon :)
  10. Looks like its been dropped and you couldn't afford the stickers.

    Maybe a black one de-stickered would look ok, but to me that just looks WRONG!

    Oh well ,each to their own I guess.
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  11. Looks ok to me. I hate stickers though. I de-badge all my cars too, looks better IMHO.

    Saying that I still have all the stickers on my VFR.

    I did the same to my old Black 650 Hyo. But then again, at the time, maybe it was just because I was dealing with owning a Hyo. *it won't come clean* :-$
  12. it looks nice man...compared to what they look like with stickers which thinking now is rather tacky
  13. Looks good to me!
  14. I like to de-badge too... if they want me to advertise their products they should pay me to do so. It's one thing to be brand loyal or see the value of one product over another, but I'm no brand whore.

    Once upon a time clothes had the labels on the inside, nowadays everyone is a billboard.
  15. PS That bike looks so good I'm re-linking the picture on this page. :D

  16. Very clean-looking and distinctive. Works for me.
  17. I reckon it looks good! I think sometimes the stickers can not look that great - specially when you can see the outlines when dirt builds up around them - though that usually happens with older bikes. But I guess its still a matter of individual taste!
  18. Looks like you just knocked a few grand off it's value haha.

    Why do people buy superbikes to commute on, I still don't get it.
  19. Takes the "look at me, I'm a wanker" look off the bike :)
  20. First bike I've seen where no stickers just looks wrong! Those colours don't suit no stickers

    I usually de sticker/badge everything too