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de-restricting scooters in sydney

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by puttputt, Oct 1, 2006.

  1. hi everyone!

    i'm looking into purchasing a 50cc (either honda today or bug jive) and would like to have it de-restricted so it will go faster.

    can anyone tell me where i can get this job done?

    feel free to recommend other reliable brands which i can de-restrict.

    before you all jump into telling me to buy a bigger bike, my reason for wanting a honda today 50cc is because i am a petite female - my honda lead 100cc is too high and too heavy to control.

    thanks all.
  2. scp runna 50cc

    hi there have a think about a SCP Runna 50cc
    it comes with an alarm
    i have one i do 65-70 with no trouble
  3. Because NSW requires a motorcycle (or that auto scooter) licence to ride a 50cc scooter, there would not be any restrictors on a scooter sold in NSW.
    It's different in some other states where legislation might restrict a 50cc scooters top speed (like SA for example).
    An unrestricted scooter like the types you mentioned should get you up to the mid-60 kph mark.

    Or are you asking about performance modding like big bore engines, sport exhausts etc etc?
  4. braddo - well, i want something that will go fast enough to keep up with traffic on the sydney harbour bridge (70kph).

    considering my size, only the honda today 50 seems to be the correct fit in terms of seat height.
  5. can anyone tell me where in sydney i can get it kitted up.

    i think i might need to get a bore kit set up. how much would i need to spend on this?