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de-restricting a hyosung SB50 scoot.

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by dj_morpheus, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. hi every one on two wheels!!!
    i have a problem which is getting on my nerves. I've had my SB50 for 5months now and very happy with it.....exept for it's speed.
    on the flat it is straining to push 50kph. and i see i quite as a safety concern as most of adelaide's roads are signposted at 60kph which i ride on most of the time. I am quite adept at mechatronics and have done the "do this do thats" to my scooter to try and ween more speed- checked the variator assy and exhaust for those restrictor devices and there were none whatsoever installed. I am wondering if there is a CDI/electronic limitor in play here. If anyone can help shed some light on this wee problem.
    I have already "modded" my ride(metalic red) with yellow enamel on the mirrors etc plus added an auxilary 12V 7.2AH batt for the other electronic goodies i installed- GPS Navigator, 8" blue neons and LED bars, 1w LED aux Headlights( 5w LED pods coming soon!!!),power outlet socket and replacing the rather wimpy horn with air horns(135db@1mtr). more "bling bling" accents to follow.
    For those wishing to go to extremes in modding for their scoots/rides check out "scooter-attack.com"
    some really cool stuff there! :grin: :cool:

  2. hey mate

    good to see another member and one in adelaide ;)

    any pics of yours?
  3. 50 kph sounds about right for a standard 50cc scooter.

    Some european 'sports' 50cc scoots will be faster but most aren't.

    Most people would suggest buying an 80cc or 125cc scooter for anything except running a few blocks down to the shops for the very reason you mention... lack of speed.

    Honestly it would be better to trade up to a larger scooter.
  4. i have had a lx50 up to 75kmph indicated after removing the restrictor in the transmission.

    If you remove your drive belt cover and dismantle the front pully you should find a small ring on the shaft that prevents the two conical plates from coming all the way together. Removing this is removing the "speed restrictor" because you enable the front pulley to encrease in diameter. Reassemble and give it a fly.

    If you lived local id happily give you a hand, but you choose to live in the city of graveyards.... ;)

    cheers sobil
  5. mine does 70 on a flat!

    with a new variator 80-90 is pretty easy ;)
  6. Which of course voids any warranty you might still have :LOL:
  7. I'm sure Ansett still have a few RR jets lying around.
    Might be a little tricky insulating the heat that they generate though :p
  8. ok, better not tell vespa that......... lolz.

    hang on a second, i think it may of been their idea to remove it... :shock:

    Pull ya head in
  9. thanx for yr replies everybody.....
    i have finally de-restricted my scoot- i studied the wiring harness and the workshop manuals and found the coup-de-gras of my problem......a simple plain blue cable going to the CDi unit!
    having removed the offending cable: my scoot goes like a bull to a gate now! but my speedo cable broke 2 weeks ago and have no indication of speeds.....gps navigator to the rescue: my scoot does 83kph on flat ground(gps accurate) with no aftermarket performance mods.....great for a de-restricted 50cc scoot.
    does anyone know where in australia u can purchase a "technigas next r" performance pipe for my scoot (hyosung sb50)
    any whoooo thanx everyone4 yr replies.
  10. Re the technigas exhausts, i got no idea for SA but you could ring this mob in WA www.scootamoto.com.au i've dealt with the guys at the Joondalup store. They have Hyosung scoots and also technigas mods so i'm sure they could help you, or at least point you in the right direction.
  11. hey dj_morpheus

    i got the same supercab, mines had the rev limiter removed too... up hills i struggle to maintain 50kms, on a straight i can push 65kms before i can hear my engine over-revving at which i let off the gas back down to 55, downhill i can do 70+ but the engine is very overworked at this stage... i have no idea how you managed 83kms.... this thing really needs some gears... btw, get back to me if uve figured out any more tweaks (more torque would be nice to be able to zip into the traffic easier)
  12. theres quite a big dip in power between 30 - 50kms which i would like to improve if anyone knows any inexpensive tweaks...
  13. dj_morpheus..... i hope to see you out with us riding sometime. also be sure to go over to scooteraddict forum to check it out, it is an Adelaide based scooter forum.