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De-restricting a Bolwell Retro (Jive)

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by Moses, Mar 24, 2008.

  1. Howdy all! Long time reader, first time poster :)

    I have a quick question -

    Ive just bought a Bolwell Retro 50cc (also known as a Bolwell Jive), and top speed would only be about 60 or just above. I used to own a Bolwell Jolie, and I heard that that came derestricted from the dealer. Im wondering if the Retro is restricted, and if anyone knows how to derestrict it, and what sort of power increase I would get.

    I'm also wondering if anyone has had any experience with performance parts on these scooters. I'm thinking of sports exhaust and a big bore kit - What sort of increase in power would I get, and if there anything else I should be thinking of doing?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Have you had any luck with this??? I have a mate with one who wants me to do it to his and Ive found no info yet on the net.
  3. he's posted three times in march 2008, and none since... do you expect a reply from him?

    be cool if he did... just saying.
  4. Always a pessimist you are LC.
  5. indeed m'dear.
  6. Thrown the gauntlet down for a battle of pomposity, have we m'lady?
  7. shut your face! :p
  8. very helpful........
  9. Always here to help :)
  10. putting stickers on your scooter add an instant 10bhp each
  11. get a R1 to tow it
  12. have to say this is probably the most unhelpful forums ive come across.....
  13. Settle down. We'd help you if we could but judging by the responses theres no-one here who knows how. And when we don't know how we just generally behave like clowns.

    On the upside, the more tom foolery that happens in this thread, the longer it will stay on the frontpage.. Perhaps someone who does know will see it and help you.
  14. Ok funs over time to get serious. Yes they do come restrictied in my experience the bowell ones exp they come with a baffel in your exhaust port (its just a plate with a hole in it) to slow you down. You can remove this or if you can't get a mother of a drill and drill that hole till its large as the port. Another method i've seen is if you are a Scooter tinkering kinda guy open the side cover that the CVT is on and remove the front pulley. Sometimes you'll find a washer on the shaft of it between the pulley, take this off and throw it in the bin you want the 2 front pulley's to come as close as they can together so you can get that top speed. If you want you can buy heavier roller weights and replace yoru stock ones but this only improves yoru accelleration not your top speed.

    After all this being said its all power to weight ratio if you weight 150kgs and your scooters a normal 50cc it won't give you much but on the other hand you can install a big bore kit 70cc (its only topend kit) but it will give you more power

    Im a 95kg guy and my 50cc (70cc haha)can take me 80 - 85kmphr no problems on flat roads. Its not much but anything that can give me a slight boost in power is good to get me outta sticky situations. Plus you get looks when you over take cars in 60kmphr zones.8-[