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De-coring mufflers

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Biker Fred, Aug 25, 2014.

  1. Have a 07 Tuono standard mufflers anybody know where i can have them modified in Melbourne to get that true V-Twin sound.

    Biker Fred

  2. Try the guys down at blue oyster.
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  3. Where is that, hope u dont mean blue oyster bar in police acadamy?
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  4. Are you sure you don't want to just buy aftermarkets in the off chance you get tested by the EPA in the future?
    I don't mean to tell you what to do with your own bike, and I am not sure how reversible the mods to your pipes are, but I've regretted not keeping my stock pipes, stock.
  5. I have had after market pipes before and if you have a V Twin its a must have. Its like having a V8 with stock exhaust its not the done thing. There is a place in Qld that do a proper convert i'm trying to sus out local places first.
  6. there not hard to do ,drill out the riverts slide outer core of cut the tube at each end put outer back on with rivet done cheers
  7. Thanks Bazz, i guess in its purest form that is what happens, i'm thinking if done properly more can be done to ensure its not overly loud?
  8. yep that the easiest part u just use the guts to make the baffle and u can adjust how loud u want it cheers
  9. Thanks Bazz i have seen it done on you tube but i know my limitations :)
  10. I'd grab another set in case you ever get pinged, that way you've got a stock set sitting there to go back on for the test.

    I have my stock ones sitting on a shelf just in case :)
  11. Oh yes indeed, get a second stock pipe so you can whack it back on if you have to get it tested.
  12. Starting to sound like a damn good idea, second set huh.

    Tahnks all for the feedback