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de-catting - anyone done it ?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Takamii, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. anyone ever drilled out their cat to make it straight through ?

    I wanted to keep my stock exhaust mainly for "appearance" however I think gutting the cat material may open it up to breath better and sound a touch better
  2. I heard a 1098 Ducati recently that had yanked out the cat converters.
    He did it for the sound and to hopefully make the heat generated under the seat a bit more tolerable (pussy). Should have just ceramic coated the pipes or just harden the f&%k up.
    Anyway, sounded wayyyyyyy loud and had to change ECU settings to fix up fueling.

    I think it looked weird from the back of bike looking into the can's as they were just so open but he liked it.
    The Duc is already pretty loud and I think it was overkill but on an inline (sorry, not sure what you are riding) it may sound delish :)

  3. R1 and oxy sensor is before the cat ( i think )

    Standard cat is part of the link pipes

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  4. Hmm, so you'll need to be making up a new pipe to go from headers to tail or just use a mid pipe?
    That's crap how they wacked the cat inside the pipes.................dang.

  5. I can buy one in stainless stell for like $150 delivered from UK - but wanted to smash out the honeycomb from this one instead which will cost just time
  6. Fair enough. Make sure to stay well clear of the cat when you smash it otherwise you'll be tripping balls for a week :)

  7. is it really worth the risk of a $10,000 fine?
    picking a hollow cat isn't hard either, smell is very distinct
  8. I was under the impression cats are not required on bikes
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  9. Welcome Takamii. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. :p
  10. As the captain points out, Tak, it's not legal to take them out. Many aftermarket exhaust systems however, do away with the cat. That makes them noisier, cheaper, lighter, and usually more powerful (when installed in conjunction with a power commander or similar and the bike's fuelling has been adjusted to suit.) If you just remove it, you may get pulled up and sent to have the bike inspected. If you still had the original exhaust, including the cat, you could simply bolt it back on that night, remove (or simply disconnect) the Power Commander, and present yourself at transport or their nominated inspecting agent in the morning, and have the bike passed with flying colours. New pipe goes back on overnight and the power commander gets hooked up again ... off you go the next day.

    If you do it the cheap way, all you get is more noise and less performance, and you lose the ability to restore it to stock condition in an hour or two for no money.
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  11. haha. well yes you could do that, hypothetically speaking. but it never happenned.
  12. So, what if you bought the bike and the cat had been yanked off by the previous owner? When I was looking to buy a K9 gsxr750, about 3 of the bikes had the full exhaust system on and the came with rwc. Is it possible that the person doing the RWC just didn't bother to check or didn't know that the cat was missing? It's not something that would get picked up during a routine RWC check I would think.

  13. either they didnt know or "it was on when inspected" scenario wink wink
  14. Thanks KD - as I am putting the tron wheel effects on the bike and some other led's I will leave the rest of the bike mechanically standard ( apart from the bling I have put on that has no effect )

    This way if pulled over for my awesome WHITE tron wheel lighting system they can not give me a hard time for anything else

    As the bike is being blinged as a rolling promo for my business better to keep it mechanically standard - especially the noise part

    Its fast enough and i honestly do like the look of the standard cans on the 2004 R1 anyway and they are already titanium so its not like they are heavy
  15. It's the worn cat that smells. A cat with the innards fully removed shouldn't smell any different from a normal bike exhaust. Most bikes don't' have them after all.

    Takamii, given that it sits before the muffler/s, it'll never be picked up. Get the aftermarket one if you want the security of retrofitting the original. Might pay for itself at sales time anyway.
  16. Im curious if it will make any difference to the sound or flow by removing the cat

    My mechanical knowledge and experience on bikes is limited
  17. Should make a difference to both. You may need to re-tune your bike to suite.
  18. Cats come in all sizes, you should be able to find one that has minimal affect on performance, and still fit on the bike. Do you have a reason to believe that the stock one is a significant flow restriction?