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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by grue, Aug 22, 2012.

  1. Anyone play?

  2. I tried it a couple of times but got a bit bored starting out at night time without being able to see anything and having to spend hours crawling around everwhere to find things.

    Waiting for The War Z at the moment.
  3. If you install DayZ commander, you'll be able to see what the time is on any given server before you join, so you can start out on daytime servers :) Plus you might even find guys like me who'll help lead you to stuff :D
  4. Whats the game bout?
  5. Eh, I've thought of trying it out a couple times, pretty sure my little brother already installed it on my comp. Everytime I think about it though, I read another article about the overwhelming number of complete arseholes and get turned off. I get screwed in eve often enough without worse from some zombie lovin' suns of bitches. Plus zombies are so boring
  6. Not when you have no bullets and are trying to find supplies in a zombie infested town.
    They can hear nearly all your movements.:eek:

    Yes I've given the game a go but as I don't have anyone to play with I haven't played for a few weeks now... And the last time I played a dick killed me when I was already bleeding to death. :-({|=

  7. PM me if you wanna play some time! Always lookin' for more people!

  8. Better to show than tell!
  9. Do you have your own server up/server you play on often or just play on random servers?
  10. I tend to haunt a few AU/NZ area servers:

    AU1, AU2, AU5, AU24, ANZ3, NZ3 come to mind. I'd have to check my "recents" list otherwise :)
  11. no one is safe in Chernarus,

    General tips,

    That torch is a beacon , you will attract players if at night and you turn it on.

    American servers at night are a good simple way to get armed up with out too many playerson

    If you find your being chased run thru barns, and buildings that have 2 openings.

    Play with mates, it helps heaps, if some one can come pick you up.

    If at night, turn up the gamma , flares and chemlights are okay if used smart

    If you can get away form the coast cities, and get inland, less players.
  12. It's very rare I get excited for a new game ...but after watching the video ...is it a web based game or something we've got to pick up from a store?
  13. Currently a Mod for ARMA II and it's expansion Operation Arrowhead.

    Stand-alone game is in the works though.
  14. As above. The best way to get it right now is via Steam, buy Arma 2 Combined Operations.

    However, by year's end (and hopefully November they say), the alpha of the standalone should be available.
  15. I love the game, but bandits basically spoil it. I don't think I've ever met anyone on a server that hasn't shot on site. Spend days crawling around to get geared out and bang a sniper you can't see gets you from across the map with his hacked NV scoped sniper rifle. I'm all for deathmatch but not 'hardcore' deathmatch. Having said that I still play :)
  16. Any friendlies in Cherno?
  17. You either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a bandit :angel:

    THat having been said I've been engaged in counter-sniper operations for the last week or so, to try and bring the law to Elektro and Cherno. Got a 900m kill the other day!
  18. No friendlies, only Zuul.
  19. I host a server for aussie players, it's not located in Aus tho so pings are crappy but if anyone is interested the address is dayz.shadowgaming.com.au or just put "NF 1" in the search filter.

    It's not up right this second as it needs updating, I haven't played dayz in a while and am starting to lose interest so might not host for much longer
  20. i wouldnt say they arent any friendlies , just not many of us.

    I shoot on sight if you are a direct threat, eg if you dont see me, and your no harm directly to me or my mates, they let you by, but if you appear to of noticed us, then we will try and give a warning if time other wise it is a shoot first situation.

    with in last few nights 3 times come to mind were we good.

    Last night a pub player was asking for a guilee suit, between us mates we had 1 spare we didnt need, but one of us started coughing pretty bad, so we did a trade for anti-biotics.

    we picked a location knowing only 4 of us on server, so with 2 mates ready to snipe we, made him run from cherno to electro to pick it out of a tent we dropped it in.

    We had eyes on him before he made it electro, watched him come in, made the trade, and got him to go the way he came in, in the mean time constantly scanning and watching player list to see if any one would join in and suprise us.

    the 2nd time, i respawned in , lost every thing (silent m4, back pack , night vision ) , got put in water , swam to shore, mate also got dumped in to water, ( known glitch but hey it an alpha) he got to keep his rifle and back pack. lost his night vision , no flares or kems between us.

    I grabbed his spare rifle and we slowly made it to town ,he would would light way with a military torch and i would headshot zombies, if needed.

    We gear up at cherno to see a new player bolting in , with 20 zombies after him, we decide he looks harmless, drop some of his followers, and take off out the back door, only having a few flares and the basics. The new guy asks where we went , gave him basic details to follow the flares out of town , and we ended up helping him for an hour or 2 , gearing up.

    3rd time was dropping back to electro for medical supplies, and to pick up a mate that just spawned in. he had 2 other new public players so with a bit of cover they managed to get the basics and got them out of town.

    In saying that, we trust no one, the bandit head dress helps but if in doubt shoot. dont get too attached to your gear, either death or glitchs will mean you loose it. oh and good luck finding a car, very hit and miss these days.

    Would love it if you could see some ones humanity score, on the zombie count.

    we usually haunt CA 20 , or au5,

    Look for a wookie, doddy we should be on most of tonight.
    Mention netrider or something so it doesnt sound like a troll.