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Daytona Traveller GTX touring boots

Discussion in 'Boots' at netrider.net.au started by AlGroover, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. My old SiDi Way Rain boots had died so I needed to find some replacements.
    I had a good look across the market at touring boots and everything looked pretty much of a muchness.
    I remembered I had a pair of very nicely made Daytona brand (made in Germany) race boots way back when. That's them in my avatar. I had a look to see if Daytona is still in business and they sure are.
    Daytona make a huge range of touring boots as well as racing and sport boots. Product reviews sounded good.
    I've got fairly long legs so waterproof overtrousers tend to ride up over the top of standard 30cm height boots which allows the rain to run in.
    I see that the Daytona Traveller GTX tourimg boot stands 34cm.
    An online hunt for a deal results in me parting with 235 Euros plus freight and 5 weeks later I have my boots.
    First impressions are these are a serious piece of kit.
    Construction is double skinned but these are not separable as in a ski boot. The GoreTex membrane is carried in the inner skin. The inner skin also carries an elasticated cuff around the top.
    Unusually, closure is by two zips, one on either side of the boot. There are also two velcro panels at the top rear for calf size adjustment. Zip pulls operate through steel wire loops, not the aluminium ones as disintegrated on my SiDis.
    Clever design features abound, most of which you can't see like the plastic cap in the toe box to protect the GoreTex from chafing by toenails.
    Trying them on for the first time, two things strike me. These are very comfy for motorcycle boots and the fit is really 'generous' to say the least. They need to be worn with thick hiking or motocross socks. If you are considering buying a pair I would say don't even think of going up from your normal shoe size.
    These are not hot weather boots so I'll have to wait for some inclement weather to give them a proper workout. In fact they were probably designed with the Elephant rally in mind.
    I'll keep you updated.

  2. After months of dry weather I finally got to put in 50 or so km in a downpour.
    I'm happy to report that my Daytona boots remained absolutely watertight.
    A couple of spots of moisture did make it through the exposed zips but the gore-tex membrane is carried on the inner boot so got no further.
    The sole material seems quite soft and offers good grip in the wet and slipperies. There is no noticeable wear from a couple of months of walking around. The extra grippiness does mean, however that I can't casually slide my foot forward to change gear or brake like I used to.
    I'm very happy with the performance of this product.
  3. I went for my first ride in my new (second hand) Daytona Ladystar GTX boots today. They're similar to yours as in they're waterproof, but they're shorter than the touring style. I found them super comfortable and grippy on the pegs and on the ground, with plenty of "feel" for changing gears. I could tuck the bottom of my leathers in between the two boot layers, and they stayed put, which was neat.

    The only issue I've had is that the previous owner must have had fractionally smaller feet than mine, because even though the boots fit perfectly, there is an extra layer of rubber protection across the top of the toes which has started to split since I've worn them (on both shoes). Hopefully a bootmaker can glue this back ok. Apart from that, they are fantastic boots. I've been wearing them around the house!

    Sizing wise, yep, very generous. I'm usually a 39 but these are a 38.
  4. Good to hear that you got your boots. I was beginning to wonder about that.
    It's a mystery to me as to why Daytona boots should be all but unobtainable in Australia.
  5. Innotesco is selling Daytona boots in Melbourne
  6. How are the boots holding on now? Its been a while so have you still got them or have they been replaced?
  7. Still pretty much like new. I only wear these from about May to October ( yes, daily commute and weekend rides through winter ) and have a pair of Daytona sport boots for summer so probably have about 30,000 km on them.
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  8. Thanks for that. It's worth the investment then..