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Daytona RoadStar GTX (Goretex) Boots

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by FormerUser1, Jan 24, 2005.

  1. http://www.daytona.de/english/boots_e/gore.html

    Exceptional !!! ....to make it short!

    This is a "stayer". At a very hefty $540 retail (A1/ Stevo's) it's a shocker for the start....BUT....at about $80 more than the AlpineStars it's a ...bargain.
    Never had a boot like this in over 30 years of riding.
    Extremely high quality, safety stitching, steel shank (to prevent the boot from "folding"), sole stiffener (prevents the sole from getting crushed), Goretex waterproofing that works, really works (20 min bathtub-test).

    Given the chance, try them on yourself, slip in...they feel like a pair of cherished,old moccasins.
    Light, flexible, easy to walk in, protection allround, re-solable/ repairable...what a boot.
    Also exceptional is the range of adjustments that can be made for thicker/ thinner calfs, over or under leathers.
    4 people I know off have bought instantly after the first try-on...all had tried numerous other boots (from Alpines to BMW to whatever).... none of them would go back.
    A google search also throws up a myriad of similar comments, just check for "Frey-Daytona"...

    Check out the tech-stuff at the Daytona site

  2. Hmmm, going to need a new pair of boots very shortly since teh last pair were cut off. Thanks for the tip :) Anyone know if Peter Steveo's is going to burn down again anytime soon? :) :) They had some very good bargains last time.
  3. Been swearing by the AlpineStars for years, but.... the Daytonas are a different class again.
  4. Anyone recently get a pair of these? I need a new pair of boots, and these are at the top of the list. Wondering what the best price in Melbourne for them is?
  5. For anyone interested, the Daytona range is hard/impossible to get in AUS at the moment. Daytona are apparently changing their complete range of boots, and the AUS importer won't have any in-stock for at leats a month, so that means about 6 weeks till they are in stores.

    I really liked the italian Oxtar range of boots (Infinity and Matrix look great) and would have brought those, but I got a great price on a set of Alpine Star Effex's (which are just as good) so went with those instead.
  6. I've concluded that Gore-tex liners work in boots (and gloves) for about a year and then they no longer breathe - on the basis of two pair of m/c and two of hiking.

    My guess is that dust and sweat clog up the pores, and of course you can't pull them out to wash them.
  7. Never had those probs with any Goretex gear.
    Excess wear on the toe-area of boots/ elbows/ knee area due to constant stretching on jackets/ pants....the liners seem to give way in those areas first.
    There's a BIG diff between Goretex (and Sympatex, both standalone membranes) and some other so-called Goretex stuff like Reissa and many others, most of which are spray-on coatings attached to some backing fabric.
    Goodie's Frank Thomas Goretex boots are 7 years old and have seen a shitload of touring/ walking etc., still don't leak a single drop.

  8. Yo, it's a VERY slack importer !!
    No changes to the range at all, they've made the Roadstar GTX for over 10 years unchanged and it's still the single best selling Goretex boot in Europe.
    Been in contact with the importer for months now, even got an account there, they're just a useless bunch to deal with, nothing ever happens.

    Oxtars are good stuff, so is the Effex, know of 2 pairs getting heavy wear for the last 2 years, both pairs hanging in just fine.
    Dry feet forever

  9. I have a pair of Oxtar's that are fantastic. Only prob is that I don't know what lube to use on them to stop them squeeking so bloody loud when I'm walking. It's sound like two pigs loving each other in a very intimate way each time I have to walk :D
  10. Usually they squeak from either of 2 areas:
    If the boot has a hinged upper-part (around the leg/ above ankle), those plastic hinges can be noisy...
    Most bike-boots have steel-shank-springs, which are thin steel bars which are sandwiched between the outer and inner soles...from center heel to start-of-sole area of the boot. If inner and outer soles are not bonded properly, it leaves space for the shank-spring to move and squeak.
    Best return boots under warranty, otherwise get them across to an old-style bootmaker/ Repairer.
    I drilled a hole through the insole in the heel area, then used non-hardening silicon (gasket-stuff).... stopped the noise in a hurry.
  11. I just bought a pair of Daytona "clubman' boots! They don't have that goretex stuff in them but they are pretty cool, bought them on sale at Action Suzuki parramatta for $160! The market down price was $349! They are pretty slick and they even have a hard plastic pad on the outside which will be perfect for kicking cars when they try to merge into me! hehe

  12. Talking with the importer a while ago, they've diecided to bring in only 3 styles out of the whole Daytona Range:
    The Flash as entry-level non-Goretex boot
    The Outing GTX, the bottom-rung Daytona Goretex boot
    ...and some non-Goretex MXer.

    Bummer not taking up at least one of the upmarket styles.
    Stupid marketing, too.