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Daytona major update for '09 ??

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by spazzy, May 15, 2008.

  1. Read an article in AMCM that there might be a major update for the daytona in 2009. And/or special edition replica bikes from supersport. Should i wait or buy? Thoughts?

  2. You are the one handing over the cash for your ride. You are the one that is going to be riding said bike. Why should someone elses opinion change how you feel about your ride. Buy what YOU want & enjoy it :)
  3. but what happens if i buy the '08 model and then the '09 model comes out with improvements such as better brakes and suspension etc... i'll be slapping myself in the head.

    but then again there isn't much worng with the current model.

    so much to ponder... :shock:

    but i get what you are saying and thanks.

    but what are your thoughts on the chances of a '09 major update? :)
  4. There's always something around the corner. It might be better... then again, it might just be more expensive. I would only worry about whether the current model works for you and if it does, that's your answer.

    Besides even if 2009 model brings worthwhile improvements it will probably be nearly two years before it appears in Australia. If it's a really good upgrade the wait might be even longer because we are always the last to get the popular models, Australian dollar must really stink or something... but I digress. The point I was going to make was that two years down the track you might be ready to upgrade anyway.
  5. Meant to be better brakes, but nothing really wrong with the current set. Seems to me to be more of a change for purposes of World Supersport racing.

    The stock rear suspension action is a bit harsh, but can be dialled in correctly with a bit of nouse. Changing the rear shock fixes this and makes it better than any stock suspension will ever be. I suspect that they'll be revising the linkage, and possibly modifying the swingarm height.

    The '09 bike is meant to receive a revised exhaust system and a different fuelling map to give it a bit more poke. You can achieve the same, plus a bit more, with the current bike by putting on an aftermarket system plus an ECU remap.

    It is unknown at this stage if there are any major cosmetic changes needed. Basically it's a refresh to fix the little niggles that are troubling the WSS team that they can't work around within the current ruleset. The stock bike today, as it stands, kicks butt. The problem for Triumph in WSS though is that the 675cc triples are forced to carry a weight penalty and they've probably butted their heads against one or two little things that can't be easily changed to get the last 0.5s/lap required to run at the front due to the weight penalty. It's a bit odd, 'cos in British SS, the 675's are doing extremely well.

    So, I suspect that the changes will be incremental refinements rather than major.
  6. Hey guys.

    Flux will be Flux. always giving the hard facts and always so convincing. LOL.

    where did you get all this information form?

    Both have good points though. Also agree with Aussies always being the last to get anything that is good. Anything at all, we are last. sucks.

    yeah i been following the WSS for a little bit. i suppose they are going okay considering they are relatively new?.

    okay then. daytona it is with a jardine slip on!!

    thanks for the input
  7. These are the rumours filtering through on the Daytona 675 forum spazzy. Don't take what I write as hard fact, because it's not, but rather take it as second hand information based upon leaked/implied indications of what's going on.

    At the end of the day the ultimate truth lies with Triumph themselves, and who knows if they've even finalised what they're going to change yet? You can be sure though that the changes aren't going to be too dramatic 'cos there's limited room to move in the Supersport class. Supersports from 8 years ago are still reasonably competitive even today. It's a path of incremental and gradual improvements.

    With any luck, Triumph may make the Pirello Diablo Rosso the stock OEM tyre for the 2009 675's. The Rosso's suit the 675 (and me) so well I struggle to contain my joy at having them fitted.
  8. Maybe the will actually accomplish a 600cc bike without needing to resort to 75 extra cc's.
  9. Eh? It'll remain a 675cc triple.

    The world comes in more colours than beige.
  10. Did you get that from Boris' article in AMCM?? lol.. He is a turd. but a funny turd. :p

    oh yeah. Does the 675 have any storage space at all? even if just for a little disc lock?? or does the exhaust take up all the room like the cbr600?
  11. Not consciously. I was actually thinking of business computers at the time, how they always used to come in beige boxes from the big 4 PC manufacturers of the day, much akin to 600/1000cc I4's from the big 4 Jap bike makers.

    Quite literally you have enough room for a toothbrush and toothpaste under the rider's seat. Under the pillion seat there's enough room for a screwdriver (supplied) and maybe 2 or 3 sheets of folded A4 paper.

    You could probably fit a small disc lock under the rider's seat in the little cavity where the fictional tool kit is meant to go. By fictional, the manual makes references to it, but it doesn't actually exist.
  12. 10-15% extra capacity is a reasonable compensation for having 1 less cylinder at 600cc. If they were forced to run 600cc they should be given a weight dispensation to follow real world engineering principals.

    this production class mimics the real world so alls fair. If they were trying to get away with 150cc extra then I would have a beef with it.
  13. As useless as any other sportsbike i see. i guess a backpack would solve this problem.

    looking forward to August when i will be in reaching distance to teh daytona!!!!!!!

    im so excited i already have a list of things to do!:

    1. Paint job. will be looking for a red/white color scheme.
    2. Paint rims gold or get a new set? or steal a set from teh daytona SE
    3. Gold bits here and there. rear sets etc.. everywhere.
    4. Jardine slip on
    5. flush mount indicators. i also saw a brake lamp with intergrated indicators but dont know if its legal in aus.

    6. xenon headlights for safe night riding
    7. rear suspension depending on how it rides.

    yep.. thats the dream.. :grin:

    will be bothering you a bit more Flux. i have read your post and know you've done quite a bit with your bike tooo! :LOL:

  14. Hmm. Different bikes and all (and the Tiger does actually have a pretty generous underseat box), but the Tiggly's tookit straps to the underside of the seat itself so that it doesn't take up precious storage-bin space. I take it that Triumph didn't hide yours similarly? :)
  15. When Triumph released the Daytona 675 they expressly stated that they had no intention of going racing with it, and the rules didn't even exist to allow it to race in WSS. If Triumph released the bike in order to go racing they certainly went the wrong way about it, given that they released a bike that didn't even fit any ruleset.

    What they did was look at the 750cc Twins, and the 600cc Fours, decided that they wanted to focus on Triples, and declared that 675cc would be the corresponding middle-ground and paved the way for a new super-sport class engine category that didn't even exist before.

    Independent people kept on buying the bikes though and wanted to go racing, and it was through the privateers badgering the various racing bodies that the rules got changed. Triumph themselves had very little to do with it.

    I personally feel that they should've released the 675 in an 800cc capacity format, but I only think that from an enthusiast perspective. Marketing/sales wise, the 675cc format was smarter, but an 800cc triple packaged in the same chassis would be sublime.
  16. haha.

    only ducati can get away with that. 1200's against litre bikes is hardly fair.

    675's vs 600's i think isnt too far off the mark though.

    the restrictions make it more even but the torque and overall top speed of the larger engines is always going to be hard to match by the smaller ones, even if they do have more cylinders.
  17. [quote="notorious_nick


    only ducati can get away with that. 1200's against litre bikes is hardly fair.[/quote]

    You're right, 1200 V-twins vs more powerful 1000 I4s isn't fair at all.
  18. dont know if i like that "new" styling. it may be because i'm in love with the current shape so much it's clouding my judgment.

    Stew, has anyone considered upping the capacity of the 675 with oversize pistons? i know it's common practice with other motors, and custom pistons aren't exactly hard to get these days, nor expensive!

    from the photo's i've seen of the block, i believe there's plenty of meet in the cylinder walls to go up from the stock a few mm in bore diameter. note, the pics i've seen are fairly poor quality, nor have i measured anything.

    1mm oversize = 693cc
    2mm oversize = 712cc
    3mm oversize = 730cc

    food for thought.
  19. [​IMG]

    :-k :-k :-k