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NSW Daytona in Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by blonky, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    New to the forum, recently picked up a 2008 Daytona in Neon Blue for the summer
    Previous rides include ZX9R and R6

    Will post up some photos
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  2. #2 blonky, Oct 17, 2016
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    Not sure if those worked, but has some nice subtle mods:
    Tidy tail
    Bar ends
    GB engine covers
    Arrow exhaust
    LED tail light
  3. Sounds rad. Can't wait to see it
  4. Welcome mate
  5. Welcome to NR..

  6. Welcome, we have a veritable boatload of Triumph owners here..
  7. don't tell the Gumbyment... they'll make 'em go back to where they came from :p
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  8. gday blonkyblonky and welcome to NR - pics won't work until you have ten or so posts under your belt, I think you can override this by becoming a Premium Member, something I recommend to all.

    congrats on the new ride and looking forward to the pics - see you on a ride sometime.
  9. welcome aboard :)
  10. or put the pics up at photobucket etc.. then link them
  11. Welcome to NR — great choice of bike too, although my opinion may be somewhat biased...

    Also, take note of how quickly Steve VtecSteve Vtec jumps on anything to do with a Daytona... 8 minutes by my reckoning... :whistle:
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  12. Welcome to NR
  13. Haha I thought the EXACT same thing :p

    Welcome blonky! :)
  14. Only a matter of time until he changes his username to Steve675...

    Welcome, and good choice. Not at all biased here. The 08s were cracking raw, unimpeded 'rider's bikes' - no electronics or aids, just a wire between you and the throttle. The crackle on the over-run is still the best sound I've ever heard a bike make.
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  15. Welcome to the forum mate

    (See the sig under DrSleepy's post for my opinion)