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Daytona exhaust dilemnas

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by snuff3r, May 10, 2011.

  1. I dropped a deposit on a Daytona this weekend past, being a month away from my fulls. But i'm note quite sure what I should do re: the exhaust. Basically after noise...

    Option 1: Order it from the dealer with the Arrow system. Is there a DB killer on the AU arrow? Can it be removed?

    Option 2: Get a Jardine RT-One and fit it once the bike is delivered. I've never done this before but i'm assuming it's not that complicated to fit. What I don't want to have to stuff around with is having to remap the bike. I also can't seem to find anyone with stock in Australia.

    My preference is option 1. I've not heard the Arrow system in person so I'm not sure how loud it actually is.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Many here will give you their opinions and thoughts.
    I went riding with one of our own recently who has an Arrow on his Daytona. To say it sounded awesome would be a serious understatement (y)
  3. Apparently not :cry:
  4. I don't think you can go too wrong with any of the popular slip-ons. The arrow is sold as 'not for road use' so it should be loud.

    Whatever you do, buy a high flow air filter to complement the pipe and have the dealer load the TOR map.

    I had a carbon yoshi, TOR map, BMC filter, -1 front sprocket and the 1050 throttle tube (quick turn). The difference between those basic mods and stock is day and night!

  5. ok theres 2 arrow systems street legall slipon and race system you can remove the baffle from the street to make it louder but it sounds sweet as is checkout Ravens got a new bike thread to here it removed i left mine in and it sounds pretty stock under 5k open it up and it sounds realy cool engine brake from 15k i come in my pants both systems need a remap
  6. Thanks for the info Marty/Gregb. I think ill go with the arrow system and check out the remapping. Hadnt considered the air filter. Thanks, definitely gotta check that out.
  7. The Jardine is VERY loud!
  8. I finalised my purchase today, went with the arrow system. I've been told that the arrow slip-on doesn't have a baffle. Guess I'll find out in the end.

    They'll do the air filter and TOR mapping at the shop before delivery.

    Now I just need to wait on delivery and to find a suspension expert to get me set up correctly. Weeee....
  9. You might want to wait for 2 or 3 thousand ks to be done before doing the suspendion,that is if your in the standard weight range,80kg to 100kg.Heavier or lighter by a fair bit and you will need springs,if you dont need springs then you need some ks for it to wear in,BTW I recommend Terry Hays at Shock Treatment if you end up needing any suspendion work,you can set the rear sag yourself,its easy with a mate
  10. So, it'd be wise to get them to set me up roughly and then go to a pro, or to just leave it factory and wear it in? I'm 110kg...
  11. I reckon you'll need springs. I set the rear shock up on mine based off the guides you can find on the net. I'm 100kg and I was right on the limit of the recommended sag range. I also wound on some preload in the front, I just adjusted it by feel. I reckon I could have benefitted greatly from getting the suspension done, that's my only regret from that bike.
  12. Yeah, i'm not a light guy. Mind, i'm going from a learner bike, a Hyosung, to a Daytona. Might just ride it some before i set it up for track :]
  13. Your probably going to need a rear spring change to get the sag right,if your buying new see if you do o[optional springs at purchase.Get the spring as soon as you can and set the sag after a few thousand ks so it wears in,love the sound of a triple,even a 120,thats the common engine configuration for triples,expect for early Laverdas like mine,its a 180
  14. Compared to the dive you would have experienced on the hyosung you honestly won't see any problem with the 675. I went from an old superbike with clapped out suspension and the daytona was absolutely brilliant in comparison. I didn't think there was anything wrong with my old bike till I rode the daytona. It took about a year on the daytona before I felt the need to start adjusting stuff.