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Daytona 675 vs ZX9R roll-on acceleration - who would win?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by [FLUX], Nov 11, 2007.

  1. Quiet those who were present today. :cool:

    Am interested in what people think that the result would be. Don't worry - it's not a trick question, and your first instinct may very well be the correct one.

    Did a series of roll-on tests in 3rd and 6th gear with the 675 vs a 9R, and there was a very clear victor. Oh, some additional information. The 9R is one tooth down on the front sprocket, and so is geared for better acceleration.

  2. What speed are you talking about starting at?
  3. I say 675.
  4. What's the state of tune of either bike??

    :-k I don't know the 675 well enough, but I'd say the 9 has a bloody good chance of out accelerating a fuel injected 675 IF the 9 was already above 6K RPM at roll on time... ram air add's extra punch you don't see on a dyno. :-k

    What was the outcome and what are your thoughts as to why?
  5. I'm guessing the 675 because you wouldn't have started the thread
    if you got your ass whooped. [​IMG]
    Nooow.. I know you got the clip of it!!! [​IMG]

    I'll be checking the Multi-Media forum OK. [​IMG]
  6. I have to agree with MG, and really it depends upon what speed (rpm range) the bikes were at.

    edit: Also depends upon what speed you allowed the 6th gear roll on to go to. I have little doubt that a 6th roll on from say 100>150 the 675 may have pipped the 9r, but I think if we rolled on in 6th from 100>200+ the 9r would haul the 675 back in and overtake.
  7. Considering your previous math and your 'seat of the pants - o - meter' that suggested that the 675 was faster than the R1 I wouldn't be surprised if it were faster than 9r also. More so for 3rd gear, I would expect that capacity may favor the 9r in the 6th gear roll on though. I guess it would also depend on the age and condition of the 9r, I'm pretty sure you keep the 675 in fine form.
  8. I'm saying the 9, as I take the 675 as having roughly the same go as my gixxer and I can come out of turn 12 at PI right on the wheel of my mates 9 and can't even hold the slipstream, and the same out of 2 and 6.
  9. Okay, okay - I'll end the debate.

    My trumpy is weighing in at 170kgs with half a tank of fuel, while a 9R is up around 210kgs half-wet.

    Starting speeds were 60kph for both roll-ons.

    Starting off in sixth gear, the 675 literally leapt away from the 9R. It was really quite amazing actually. Within a few seconds the 675 was already 5 bike lengths ahead. I was thinking for sure that this would be the 9R's strong point over a mid-sized bike, but up until quite silly speeds the 675 kept on building the gap. I would imagine that if we had continued the 9R would eventually haul the 675 in, but that wouldn't likely have happened before the 675 reached its top speed (which is incidentally around 250kph actual - as opposed to indicated).

    Okay, so third gear now, starting at 60kph. The 675 has a bit of an emissions flat-spot between 5500 and 7000rpm that not even remapping was able to dial out. Perhaps something to do with the cam profile? Anyway, the 675 was smack at the start of the flat-spot when we rolled on, and both bikes took off evenly for about 20 meters until the 675 reached 7K rpm where its power starts to build reapidly again, and then it again leapt away and kept on building the gap fairly quickly.

    This is not so surprising to me. I've been around PI with a guy on his 1960's era Matchless 500cc single pumping around 50hp or so, and due to the low weight of the bike the acceleration of it was astonishing.
  10. Not surprised about the 6th gear roll from 60km/h... the 9R would be bogged down at about 2500RPM... it'll build, but it does slowwwwwly.

    The 3rd gear result was surprising.

    Interesting :-k

    So was the 9R stock or tricked? Wouldn't have been Raph's 9 by any chance?
  11. Why would it be bogged down in comparison though? I mean look at what it's up against. The 675 is a mid-weight super-sport. It's not like we're playing to the strengths of a larger capacity bike in the 675. Supersports are hardly the first bikes that leap to people's minds when they think of something with a good mid-range.

    9R was piped. Not Raph's.

    Still Rob, I'd be happy to conduct the same test against your 9R. I think yours might be in a better state of tune. The test surprised me too.
  12. +1 mg :LOL: thought the same thing myself

    can't say i am am all that surprised about 675 in 3rd gear, but 6th gear roll on results were a bit of a shock.....

    how did you measure the start to the roll on? Could one of you either been jumping the gun or the other slower to react?

    cheers stewy
  13. We did the fingers count-down thing. 3-2-1-roll. The second time on the 6th gear roll-on, after being amazed with the first time, I waited until I visually saw the 9R's throttle being rolled, so he'd have had maybe 1/10th sec start. Made absolutely no difference.

    No videos of it sorry, MG. Maybe if Rob comes to the party we'll video it.

    I kept the 675 in sixth gear through the entire section between Cumberland Junction and Marysville. The entire way. Didn't down shift once except to stop at the end, and that includes for that mega-tight 40-50kph corner speeds section in the middle there. The little trumpy kept pulling stoically. It wasn't chugging out of the slower corners, but it was getting close. That's how impressive the low-mid range on the 675 is.
  14. 6th gear 50kph corners... that's impressive alright :)

    On the 9 in 6th there's zero thrill factor rolling on from 60kph. That's why I wasn't surprised it got whipped by the trumpy. ...I'd expect the smaller bike to be more lithe in top gear even though it has a smaller engine.

    In 3rd though, 60kph is above 4000rpm, which is where the 9 begins to show some mumbo....

    :-k The 675 has a peak power of about 100HP yes? The 9R with a pipe (and nothing else) could be near 130HP - often less. I'm not sure that extra available power is enough to overcome the weight and fuel injected differences between the two bikes.

    Interesting post Flux.

    Oh, what year 9R?
  15. Oh, make no mistake. The 675 was barely making enough power to pull skin off custard in sixth accelerating uphill from 45kph (~2300rpm) , but it still continued to build. It's far more happy from 3500rpm onwards.

    My particular 675 is probably a little closer to 116rwhp, but depending on what dyno you stuck it on, it'd likely read as anything from 113-120rwhp. Bore x stroke on the 675 is 74x52.3mm, where the 9R is 75x50.9mm, and 900cc x 3/4 = 675cc, so the 675 is almost exactly like the 9R, but missing one cylinder.

    Weight is the big thing. My 675 has been pared down somewhat, and as above, would be close to 170kgs with half a tank of fuel.

    A '97 9R I believe. Hmmm - now that I think about it - that was when the 9R's were still all big and heavy, so maybe this is no real surprise.

    Wonder how it'd do against an '02 9R?
  16. I'd like to see a top gear roll on from 100km/h, or against a fuel injected bike.
  17. Ram air didn't come into it... It was the Minja, which currently has no fairings, and thus is missing the scoops.

    Yep, Stew absolutely belted me in the 6th gear test, the 9 bogged down and didn't even start getting into its power ramps. By the time we ran into some corners, he was at least 200m ahead.

    Third gear was much closer - The Kwak at least had some revs to work with. Stew still crept ahead of me though, eventually pulling about a 30 metre lead when he rolled off. I was doing about 150 and the 9 was just getting into its big top-end, but I don't doubt that the Daytona has a similar rush at the top that would have kept him ahead.

    Weight was probably a big factor (and not just between the bikes!) but the old-tech fat carbies of the B model niner just can't match the snappy response of a fuel injected bleeding-edge triple. It's interesting, I find riding the 9 in the twisties I've got to dance all over the gearbox and make sure I'm in the right gear - a gear too high and it bogs down out of corners when you're trying to go quick. Funny, you'd expect that of a 600, not a litrebike.

    I don't think ram-air would have made much difference either, we weren't going fast enough.
  18. Next time we go for a ride it will be 675 vs. 98 900RR :wink:
    The more I hear of the 675 the more I want one, Triumph really got it right
  19. Interesting comment.

    Slightly off topic noob question: are you saying that a 600 will be fiddly and will struggle to power out of corners especially if you're a gear too high? I'm finding this happens on the little 250 (at lower corner speeds of course) and I often enter corners a gear lower therefore possibly going slower and keeping the revs high. I've tried going in one gear up and it's a lot smoother but feels slower especially when coming out of a corner.

    Are there obvious differences between triple/inline 4/V-twin engine configurations? Just interested to know for upgrade options.
  20. ah so wasn't the newest of model 9r.....would be interested to how the rob's model goes in comparison